(midnight violet)

where are you?

the sunlight fades
and i reach out
for you.

i soon realize
with recoiling fingers curving towards my
nails threatening to dig

i am alone.

but i will
i will wait
to press these
guilty fallen pleas
made of eyelashes
and broken fingernails
sharp crushed
red velvet thoughts
your temples

and I will wait
for you to speak
and you will tell me to close the window
because it's snowing out.


i have no excuses.
i have nothing to tell you.

i only have these
scars to
peel back and show you what
lies beneath.

i only have these arms to reach out.
i only have this wanting.
i only have this need.

i only have tonight.


for the
midnight crying out violet
and know that it's me.
it's me.

it's me.

will you answer?