Forgive Me

-by Atalaya

Empty bottle in my hand,

I can barely even stand.

You follow sadly close behind,

Your voice is quiet, so is mine.

Your words are telling me to stop,

But they're drownded on the blacktop

As I drive...

And I saw the lights,

They blinded me from all around

And I heard you scream,

Your voice chased away all other sound.

And I heard myself,

Yelling at you please don't die.

Don't die.

Please don't die.

My world is spinning all around.

In tears and blood I think I'll drown.

I see you lying peacefully,

Eyes half closed, though you still see me.

Stupidity, it's all my fault,

That you're dying on the asphalt...

And you saw the light...

It captured you right into the other side.

And I think I died

That night I stole your life away.

Why did it have to be this way?

Why did I have to be that way?

The last words I'll ever say...

Forgive me...

My child