Chapter 12: Nope. THIS is the Ending.

-Mike's POV-

Whose phone was that? Ugh…

Oh it's mine.

I reached out an arm to swipe it up from the floor where it had fallen from my pants.

"Hello?" I said groggily from sleep.

"Hey there bro. It's Rathe. Rachel and me are at her house. Oh yeah, she wants to tell Xra to check out the condom wrappers. Yeah. Thanks. Bye mate." And instantly, the dial tone beeped in my ear.

Huh…that was fast.

I looked around and saw Xra fighting to wake up. How cute. She rose up and said tiredly, "Help me dress and we'll talk."

"Later." I said, eyeing her tastefully and reaching out for her thong that was caught on the bed post.

Her eyes widened a bit and she crawled to the pile of clothes on the floor, flashing that round butt at me. Sexy.

An idea popped into my head and I began to lick on the cum on the thong in my hands.

She picked up my boxers and waved them at me.

Sliding off the bed, I raised her legs and slowly pulled the thong up her legs, licking up her thighs. She gasped when she felt the wetness of my saliva on her clit.

She grasped my boxers and proceeded to lick at the juncture of my boxers and slid them on me. The feeling of damp boxers was never as delicious as this.

I picked up her bra and licked at the cups and strapped it on her. She giggled when my saliva wetted her nipples. We continued this early-morning foreplay until we were completely dressed.

Realizing something, I yanked on her arms when she was starting to stand up.

"Rachel had Rathe call me to tell you to check out the condom wrappers. And…" I paused and licked my lips.

She reached out to pick up the last condom wrapper we discarded. Her eyes widened when she picked it up to look at it closely.

"…Will you be my girlfriend?" I finally blurted out.

Her head rose sharply and her mouth was fixed in a big 'O'. But she said nothing and slapped the wrapper in my hand.

Um…let me explain…

This condom company, Magic Condoms Co., thought it would be funny to type naughty words on the wrappers, like 'Fuck me.' or 'Faster! Faster!'. It was a bit hit among high school and college students all around the country.

Anyway, the wrapper in my hand clearly said…

'OH YEAH!!!'

The End

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