I expected to be hurt

But I refused to believe

You capable,

Maybe you were different

Maybe you wouldn't break my heart.

Maybe ?

That hopeful question mark

Profound to me

Because it said

That I had hope for you

For me, for us

I can't believe you're finally

Starting to drift away

I want to hold on to you forever

But I can't

Because you don't need me

The way I need you

Could you tell me

if it has been a game all along?

I need to know

So I can throw away the false highs

You lent me

Maybe you lifted me up

So you could bring me down

Maybe you gave me wings

So you could rip and slash the tatters

Maybe you gave me something to hope for

So you could destroy it

Maybe you let me sip this elixir

So you could stab me till I die

My heart

Bleeding on the floor for you

You don't understand

That you're killing me

Maybe you'll deny this

Maybe you won't even realize

That I'm talking to you


But I wish.

And I hope

You won't turn away

And walk into the distance.