There was a dream I once dreamtā€¦ The grass below me slithered up between my toes cold against my skin, wet with dew. The air was crisp and new, different in my lungs. It lifted me high, and then set me back down again, forbidden to be here. The sky shimmered black and the silver of the moon cast a faint outline hiding his face from the blue of my eyes. I already knew what lay in the shadows- every slope, every line, every curve, every perfect flaw- from my mind's photograph. I knew what was there, starring back into the eyes of my own that could not be seen, hidden in the darknessā€¦

As the space between us vanished, I felt the warmth of his hands slip around my sides pulling me into the protection of his arms. I leaned against him, feeling the rise and fall of his chest as the seconds slowly drifted. My entire body felt light-- tingled with a warmth that I wished to bottle and keep. I wanted to search for the key and throw it away, to lock us together. He pulled me closer.

My eyes drifted closed.

We had been etched in stone-- locked into a moment in time. One piece of stone to keep us both. A smile was written on our faces and I wondered if there was truth behind it. Nothing lasts forever, but there's always a possibility.

Slowly I opened my eyes. He was gone.

A dream I once dreamt.