To die would mean to leave everything I know,

To give up hope of all I owe;

To leave friend and foe

Of all those I bestow;

Never to woe

That which I have yet to forgo;

Never say hello;

To never see the show;

To never see them grow,

Of what they'll undergo

Or what they'll outgrow.

To neversee the glow

Of the freshly fallen snow;

Nor to go

To or fro.


To die would mean to see

The true me

I never get to see;

To see the sea,

As free,

As free as can be,

To no doubt you should agree.

But to die would mean to give up so much

And I don't know if I'm ready to give up such

Just to clutch

The sun set;

To get rid of the threat,

To get rid of the debt;

Of all that I have met,

All that I want to forget;

I know that I'll regret,

Always be upset.

As to finding me yet,

I'll be following my silhouette.