Ok...this is one of my old, in-the-process stories. It's kinda good, I like it. I think all interracial stories rock. But that's just me. Well, anyways, I hope you like it, cuz it was fun to write!

Yesterday's Blues
(it's a working title -.-')

Chapter One

Aryssa Stowe slumped in one of the "big kid" swings and looked down at the million-bagillion wood chips at her feet.

Her mother had told her that now that she was six, she was a big girl and could play on the big kid swings. Her mommy also said that since Aryssa was a big girl, she could swing herself.

But Aryssa didn't know how to swing herself; she need help. She looked up over at her mother, who was sitting on a bench not too faraway, reading a book.

"Mommy!" Aryssa hollered. "Mommy!" Ms. Stowe looked up.

"Mommy, can you push me?" Aryssa pleaded pitifully. Ms. Stowe smiled sadly and shook her head.

"I'm sorry, baby," she called. "You have to learn on your own."

Aryssa groaned and shook the swing's chains furiously.

"Can't anybody push me?" she screamed.

"I'll push you," said a soft voice from behind her. Aryssa jumped and turned her head around.

A pale little boy with funny-colored eyes and neat, black hair was looking at her curiously.

"What you want, white boy?" Aryssa asked harshly.

The boy looked suddenly frightened.

"You wanted someone to push you...and my name isn't 'white boy', it's Alex Murray."

Aryssa turned back around, pouting. Her mommy said boys were trouble, especially if they were white. And she believed her mother, because she was the smartest, most prettiest woman that Aryssa had ever known.

But she really wanted to swing. She looked back at Alex.

"All right, wh--Alex. Swing me," she ordered. He obliged quietly.

"What's your name?" he asked her as he caught her swing, then pushed her back gently.

"Aryssa," she answered proudly. "I think it's pretty."

"Yeah, it's pretty, but really hard to say. Areesha..."

"You can call me Reese," Aryssa told Alex as she swung back toward him. "Higher," she demanded. He obeyed, pushing her a little harder.

"You're pretty," Alex declared as he watched her go higher. "I think I saw you somewheres before,"

"But we only met today!" she exclaimed.

"My daddy has a picture of you, in a photo album," he went on.

"How could yo' daddy get my picture? That's just silly."

Alex didn't answer at all, and when she swung back to him, he didn't push her either. Confused and angry, Aryssa stuck her feet out to stop herself from swinging. When she was still, she turned around and looked at Alex. He had just froze and was staring right behind her. Exasperated, she turned back around and saw her mother walking toward her.

"Come on, honey." Ms. Stowe said briskly when she had reached Aryssa. "It's time to go."

Aryssa hopped out of the swing just as a deep man voice crept up from behind.

"William Alexander, there you are..."

Aryssa looked around and saw a tall man that was as pale as Alex and had the same hair and funny-colored eyes. Then she heard her mother gasp and saw the man that must have been Alex's daddy go real still.

"Hello, Linda," Alex's daddy said to Aryssa's mother quietly. Aryssa turned to look to up at her. Ms. Stowe was wearing a funny look on her face, like she did when Gramma Suzanne had died.

"It's...nice to see you again," the man said in a shaky voice. Suddenly, Ms. Stowe grabbed Aryssa's wrist and began to walk away.

"Mommy," Aryssa complained. Her mom was squeezing her wrist too tight.

"Aryssa Chantelle, I don't ever want you to talk to that boy again," her mother told her sternly.

"But I didn't even say good bye," Aryssa whined. She wished her momma would let go...

"They ain't nothing but trouble, Aryssa," her mother explained firmly. "All them white boys are."

"But he's a nice white boy, he pushed me on the swings."

They were now on the almost empty sidewalk of Elm Street, just outside the playground's gates. Ms. Stowe stopped walking, stepped in front of her daughter, and knelt down so they were face to face.

"Aryssa, sweetheart, they're all nice in the beginning, but in the end they'll leave you, shattering your whole world. Now do you want that to happen?"

Aryssa shook her head, too scared to speak. Her mother stared into her young daughter's big, innocent eyes, then hugged her close.

"Neither do I , baby. Neither do I..."

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