O traveller, you amuse me

With your journey in the dark

I know your eyes are weary

But to slumber you won't hark

Well, I think it's rather foolish

To continue travelling on

For your road winds ever onward

And the hours of dark are long


O traveller, you inspire me

To play some wicked games

Note how the clouds form pillows

How the woods call out your name

How the wind blows goodnight kisses

While the sea sings lullabies

And the blinks of an unveiled star

Draw weights upon your eyes


O traveller, you displease me

For the headlights of your car

Are awakening the shadows

Sleeping near and afar

It upsets me when the stillness

That I make and work to keep

Is disturbed by mindless people

Who should long have been asleep


O traveller, you defy me

So I'll set those shadows loose

And since the world is sleeping

Your screams are of no use

See, the highway to the land of Nod

Should be travelled in your head

At least, sleep's all you do now

Even if the earth's your bed


AUTHOR'S NOTE: It's amusing how twisted ideas can become. The ideas for this were inspired by watching cars innocently drive past at midnight while in the country and initially, this was going to be a happy, dreamy sort of poem. As you can see, that's not exactly how this turned out. I'm not complaining though :)