Cut me a slice of bread,
my friend.
Pour me a glass
of precious wine,
I'm out of breath
and spent.
Reheat my flesh
and mind.

The wolves
were round the bend tonight.

Our flashlights winked,
then shut their eyes.
Shifting behind the trunks
were outlines.
I saw the sylvan imps,
sprout from the stumps.

My ears perked,
I heard a voice,
low murmur threats.
Or creaking steps
on virgin snow.

That's when…
the heart sank to my toes,
I clenched his hand.

Our foggy breaths rose
to shape new clouds,
and coat the lunar specs.

That's when…
he slipped his arm around my waist.

We stood in silence than,
as snowflakes draped our bare heads.

"We're lost?"
I asked,
"No, we are just alone,"
he said.