I look out my window at the breathtaking New York skyline.

Night has fallen and the iridescence is replaced by a solemn midnight blue.

Cars whizz by, an interminable number of blazing lights.

Towering manhattan buildings display their utmost beauty, windows of varying colors facing mine.

Next, my glance falls on the apartment buildings.

There are so many flights, so many lives.

I am but a glimmer of stardust in this vast universe.

I wonder what each person is doing at this very moment, while I am looking on from my window in my canary yellow room.

I look at my reflection in the window.

A figure whose essence often matches the midnight darkness.

I am torn between two worlds, each world taking a fragment of my soul with it.

Being entirely consumed is far too difficult, yet not as difficult as letting go.

Should I stop my resistance?

Allow myself to be overtaken by one of the worlds and eternally escape from the other?

Allow temptation to enter the crevices of my being and mar my soul?

I fear I know the right path, the right world but yet, my yearning for the other world endures.

I fear I cannot persevere.

But Mostly ? I fear that I'll be torn apart

AN- this "poem "is probably different from the rest. For one, it doesn't have a rhyming pattern to it. I hope someone likes it. If not, it was interesting to write :).

By the way, it's entirely open to interpretation . L.A.