Brian gazed mournfully at his older sister. He kept his eyes on her face for a long time. Hoping that she would eventually notice him. Smile. Acknowledge his presence. But no, she didn't do anything. Not even a disinterest glance.

He wondered if anyone knew Leslie was still coming here after all this time. It was nice that she still came. It made him feel less forgotten but that wasn't what he needed. Or what she needed either. He wondered if she'd still come after the playground was turned into apartments. He couldn't really imagine this place becoming a boring, apartment block. The play ground had picnic tables, playground toys, trees, a lake and a football pitch. It wasn't somewhere to live. Well, he kind of lived here in a way.

It was a cold night. The kind where the air felt crisp and cold as it entered one's lungs. One could also see their breath coming out their mouth like a cloud.

Leslie's trembling hands tried to light her cigarette. If Leslie had worn the gloves mum had given her last year she wouldn't be cold.

Brian looked down at his grimy hands. He wriggled his fingers. He hadn't worn his gloves. Of course, he hadn't. It had been summer when he was last here. He wore shorts and a tee shirt. He giggled at the thought of wearing gloves on such a warm day. It had been stiflingly hot. The air had been thick and heavy.

He swung on the orange, plastic swinging, pumping his legs and going higher and higher till he felt he could fly away into the clouds but he hadn't. Out of the corner of his eye Brian saw that Billy was ready to launch off the swings. Brian pumped his legs one last time, let go of the ropes and jumped as far as he could. He had to beat Billy. Prove to Billy, that Brian was the best.

Finally Leslie managed to light the cigarette. She exhaled shakily. Standing on his tiptoes Brian peered anxiously at her. "Why are you crying Leslie?" He asked not unkindly.

He remembered the last time she spoke to him.

It was the same day as the swing competition. Mum made her baby-sit him. Resentfully she bought him to park. He quickly abandoned her. She wasn't overly concerned about watching him and went away to talk to her friend.

When Leslie finally looked for Brian she found him sprawled out on the ground, his neck at an awkward angle.


Brian moved closer. Her pale face that was sticking out of a thick jacket still didn't notice him. Brian put lay his small hand on her shoulder. The limp strands of her hair brushed against his ice-cold hand. She shivered and got off the swing. Absently she rubbed her shoulder as she paced in front of the swing set.

Brian's felt lit up with hope. Maybe she would finally notice he was there. "It's okay, I don't blame you," he said eagerly bouncing up and down.

She didn't respond. He plopped down on the swing and fingered the ropes sadly. If only he hadn't let go…but he had and now he was dead, almost dead.

Hesitantly he pumped his legs like he had done on that fateful day. It wasn't like he could die again but Brian wished he could. Why hadn't he died properly? Mum always said dad was in heaven looking down on them. Dad was dead so Brian figured he should be in this heaven place but Brian was still here.

Suddenly Leslie tossed her cigarette on the ground and put it out. She stopped crying.

With a slight frown on his painfully young face Brian wondered what he had missed. His sister, he realized wasn't really that old. Like him she was a kid. She always used to seem so big 'cause she was his older sister. For some reason after Brian's funneral she seemed smaller and younger. Except she didn't look as small now. She almost looked like the old Leslie.

"I can't do this anymore," Leslie said. Her voice was carried away on the breeze. "I'm sorry, god I'm so sorry Brian." Her voice cracked slightly. "If I knew…you're dead and its, its my fault. I'm leaving. Bye Brian."

Leslie turned her back and strode away. She would never return.

Brian waved at her back. "See ya, Leslie."

He now knew he couldn't dawdle any longer. He leapt off the swing just like he had before.

He landed in the exact same spot as before.

If he wasn't invisible people would've seen the smile on his face.

Brian's soul rose into the sky.

His spirit rose into the sky.

He was finally dead.

At rest.