white elephant

i think it's time for you to leave

you've worn out your welcome and

you are no longer wanted here.

i know you like the

J & B and the

rice krispie treats by the bulk,

and the buckets of icing you eat

with a knife,

but you aren't wanted here anymore.

it's time you left because

you've left such a stain,

such a mark,

on our living room furniture

(and our family too)

as it is,

and you aren't wanted here


i am tired of lying,

tired of hiding my eyes

from the truth.

i'm tired of pussy-

footing my way around you,

when you come visit us for

the holidays.

i am tired of being the only one

who knows you even exist,

when the others won't talk to you

because you're made ruins of

everything with your hands and

your words,

and your lies.

i think it's time for you to leave now.

take your things, go on,

get out.

we don't want you here anymore.

it's easy to pretend that the white elephant

never existed.