Chapter 1: The Invitation

A pale face fell head first into a desk with a loud thud.

"Mr. Xavier is there something wrong?" a voice from the front of class spoke.

"No, Mrs. Lace I just had trouble sleeping last night," the face answered with a masculine voice "don't worry I'm fine mam." Kelcin couldn't lie though he had been up all night and it was killing him.

It wasn't the cramming for the literature test that was a pain to him. He had been playing the new computer game "Heroes of the Earth and Stars" and from what he assumed he wasn't the only one who had been playing.

First he spotted Derrius Nickelson the All-American football player who looked tired from not only practice, but from plenty more like staying up all night. He was a bulky tan-skinned Caucasian of about a few inches above six feet. He had short hair and a trimmed goatee and wore a blue and white football jersey. He wore denim shorts and blue basketball shoes. Kelcin though knew him better as ALLPLAYA#64 he was a brute character in the game, a "rageblade" as they were referred to. He personified his character in and outside of the game.

Next there was Billy Clark. He was the typical school nerd. Short unkempt brown hair and a pimply white face, which were covered by thick glasses. Billy dawned a maroon sweater that was a few sizes to big as opposed to his pants that were a few sizes to small. His game character was similar to him MORDOCTHEDEMONKING. He was referred to what is called a "loretongue" one who has knowledge in many fields, but when it came to social skills they had little to offer.

After that Kelcin's eyes came upon Tabitha Adams who was know to most as that Goth chick or drama freak, but Kelcin knew her to be as outgoing as most people as long as you gave her respect in return. She had jet-black hair and deep olive skin. She also had piercings twice in each ear along with one in her right eyebrow and a nose, lip and tongue piercing. Tabitha was clothed in nothing but black form the neck down. Her game character, XTEARSOFDEATHX was known as a "wellwitch" one who is looked upon by most in disgust, but when in fact they know they can be both a formidable opponent and ally.

Next was Max Brenson the school rebel, the one who would lookout for himself first when times got rough. Max had charcoal skin and his hair was braided back in cornrows. He wore the shirt of some various rap label and pants and shoes that matched it to the key detail. His game character was simply REBELMAX. Max played the game as a "shadowknife" a character who is friends more with the shadows then with the people of his own party.

There were also the twins Clyde and Charity Micheals. They were the perfect looking kids both with flowing locks of blonde hair though Clyde's was shorter due to being male. He was a pretty boy type with a golf tee and khaki shorts. His blue eyes contrasted his falsely tanned skin. Clyde was the kid that everyone knew. He was the popular yet rapacious kid who would do anything or step on anyone to get ahead. This was the opposite of Charity her name said it all. The only thing she did more then play the game was help those who were lesser then her. She worked at soup kitchens and donated much to the homeless. Clyde was THESHIZNIT4LIFE a "songtongue" who used charisma to his advantage. Charity was ANGEL4EVER her character was a "healheart" one who used holy magic to cast protection upon others. These were all the people he recognized as players in the game "The Heroes of the Earth and Stars". There could be more, but these were the ones he recognized.

There was also Kelcin himself. An average looking guy with a gray jacket and denim jeans on. He had light green eyes and had medium length hair. Kelcin's character KELCIN02 lacked creativity but he could careless. He preferred the character called a "stablesword" one who had a fair balance of all qualities and was built as the perfect leader type character.

Even knowing these people in the game did little for he knew them as nothing more than acquaintances at school. A shrill bell rang through the school halls as a sign of the end of the last period of the day. Kelcin leapt from his seat and hurriedly for the door.

(-,-) (,) (00) (--)

Kelcin stepped off of the school bus and onto the rough pavement in front of his house. He was ecstatic for the fact he had no homework to do. He quickly ran inside to the kitchen and grabbed a root beer and some chips then darted for the stairs to his room. He quickly took a seat at his computer and turned the monitor on and a euphoria of lights appeared.

A screen opened and a short movie sequence began:

Through all the land,

And green lush fields,

By an unfit hand,

Death one evil yields,

Nothing is what it seems,

And nothings is what you know,

One hero's sword is all that gleams,

And a devils soul that blade shall sow,

Fight for the world's birth,

To the time of flying cars,

Start as a hero of the earth,

And become a god of the stars.

The screen flashed in a large bold print:


Kelcin clicked the mouse and typed in his screename. A menu popped up with various options. Kelcin choose training and the screen went white while a robotic voice came through.


Kelcin followed instructions and within seconds he stood in a brightly odd colored garden, his facial features were distorted. He had eyes were a mouth should be and ears were a nose should be. Kelcin maintained composure for he knew it to only be an illusion of the game.

A growl from the bushes began as an oddly shaped creature emerged. It was light blue with green stripes going down its large angular body in various patterns. Its ears were attached to its nose, a tail protruded from where the mouth should be. Kelcin assumed it might be an unnatural form of a tiger, but he could care less it seemed to be a formidable opponent. Kelcin drew his weapon, which in this realm happened to be a violin. Though the weapon seemed ridiculous it could be compared in this realm to the guns and swords of others.

The cyber beast crouched and then sprung towards the ready and waiting Kelcin. Kelcin did a sideways barrel roll to dodge the attacker. He then quickly turned and swung a forward strike towards the awkward shaped creature. The beast backed up then lunged its massive arm (or foot) at Kelcin who dove directly forward to under the odd looking tiger. The stableblade lunged his violin upward and with a loud crack it hit the beast square wasn't quite sure but as he did the beast disappeared showing victory on Kelcin's part.

Suddenly a loud beep soundedā€¦Kelcin removed his helmet to see a signal showing that he had a new email message. Kelcin quickly opened the email and began to read:

Dear Hero of the Earth and Stars,

Your skill is far greater than most. You have proven your ability on countless occasions and you have shown your honor on many others. I invite you to a tournament of the best in all the realms. It is a tournament for a brand new computer with the newest edition of the game and 25,000 dollars. Oh and most of all the bragging rights as the true "god of the stars". If interested please go to the link below. Hope to see you there.

Your friend and creator of Heroes of the Earth and Stars,

Hashamari Kadenko

Kelcin couldn't believe it he the creator of the game had set up a tournament. The KADENKO had offered a cash reward.

Kelcin couldn't resist he quickly opened the linkā€¦