I want these memories I've never had

My fluttering heart,

Stutters my word

I can't think straight now

What went wrong in my plan?

I want to be free from you,

But you brought me back

And all I have to show is….


I have no memories of the past

We never shared

Maybe we had something then,

But not now

But you still ensnare,

And you keep coming back

So now,

I can't resist you again

Your sweet melodies

I'm falling faster

You throw your arms around me,

And hold tightly again

In some years you'll be gone

How will I know you'll still be with me?

You tell me I'm your one and only

I swear I've said this before,

A repeated lullaby to myself

Do my words mean nothing to you?

Does it hurt when you see me with another boy?

What will you do when a girl comes up,

And offers you her soul?

Questions I must ask

They tear at me too

I guess maybe I love you

But I am just not sure

These memories,

Are flashing through my head

Future and the past

The present is there too

What am I seeing here?

What can't you move on?

These memories,

Are driving me insane

Haunting my thoughts

I can't be in peace

Someone drive a stake through the heart of it, please

It would shatter everything,

Everything I remembered