A Mirror for the Sun

Rai Kamishiro

Midnight cool in the middle of the desert cold, the car paused in their long journey with no real beginning, no discernable end, and certainly no destination. The stars heavy in the sky, glowing on their old light that were traveling like them.

Laying sprawled over the topless, obscenely red car, indecently drinking in the luminosity of planets and gas and big pieces of rock was the leader of their great expedition to go get lost in the USA. Winking out the stars with his great hands one by one, like a bored magician, only to make them appear again, chuckling childishly.

"You see those stars out there Stone? And that great big moon and the light that shines from it? They're just a mirror for the sun." Sirius's face was bent in it's usual benevolent grin, which even sleep failed to steal from it, the expression he'd seen for so long that it seemed unchangeable as the earth, the sea, and the very sun.

Sirius's hazel eyes spotted their other companion in this great venture, Liam, tall and lanky, who came in to their acquaintance suddenly wandering in from the desert, long before they had thought of this trip, with no memory and no real need to recover it, his Persian eyes unreadable as ever.

"Blue, you sit so pretty west of the world." Sirius crooned, gesturing him over. "Come on over and join us mere mortals."

The third member of their party complied, shoving over his travel mates to make room for his legs, making a huge pile of arms, legs, and elbows, uncomfortable until each owner of such got himself situated.

Sirius grinned, still gazing at the sky. "Road tripping with my two favorite allies. What more can I ask for?"

"More beer?" Milo asked hopefully. "We're almost out."

Liam burst out in laughter, already drunk off his ass and enjoying it immensely. "Then drink up!" he said, as he tossed the bottle somewhat precariously over Sirius's head.

Milo, uncoordinated when it came to anything but his favorite beverage, caught it deftly in his Asian hands, his eyes almost over shadowed by his hair, grown out of the short spiky and red that he was famous for.

The only sound in the night was the sound of a cap being popped off expertly, in a car somewhere deep in the Arizona desert.

"Blue, more your elbow off my ribs." Sirius grumbled light heartedly, causing a slow shuffle of limbs.

"Hey Sirius, why do you call Li that?" Milo asked, once he popped his lips off his bottle.


"Y'know, Blue."

"…'Cause he's like the sea."

"Ah." Said Liam.

"An why you call me Stone?"

"'Cause half the time you are." Liam piped in, ducking under, leaving the thrown bottle cap to hit Sirius on the side of the head.

"Nope, it's because he's like that rock there." Sirius said, pointing at an unnamed mountain off to the side.

"Huh." Milo said, and all three of them quieted for the night.

But Milo thought on, if he was the mountain, and Liam was the sea, than surely Sirius was the sun that the stars, the moon, and the very earth reflected. That everything in existence, was just a mirror for the sun, which meant he and Liam were mirrors of their best friend, who had dragged them all over the USA.

Then, meeting his friend's smiling eyes, he curled in closer to them and thought no more of the light reflected in Sirius's blue eyes.