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I followed him quietly until we were standing in his living room. I studied him again his eyes were cold, just like rivers full of rage. I sat on the couch while he just remained standing in the opposite direction of me with a considerable distance- just as if we were parallel lines.

"So…" I said. What a brilliant way to start a conversation.

"So?" He spat coldly. I shrugged at this new found hostility. Such an Un-Michael thing.

"I came here to talk"

"Then talk" I widen my eyes. This was not Michael I was talking too- this was someone he had created in his desperate moments of rage.

"Jim and me…" What a subtle way to start. The echo of those words sounded funny, even in the vast space of silence those words still resonated throughout the room.

"Jim and me…" I repeated. How could I ever explain the concept of Jim and me when I didn't even understand it myself? The mention of those words felt just like a poem with no rhyme or meter- a poem never read, never heard. An unfinished one, waiting to be written. Somehow deep inside of me I had always known it was me who had to be the writer of that piece and now I'm forced to begin.

"Jim was everything" That's the only way I knew how to start.

"He'd been my best friend since I was four and I've been in love with him since I was twelve." Almost five years and today it's the first time I confessed that truth out loud.

"It isn't nice to be in love with your best friend, especially if you know he loves someone else, because he loves her, he loves Pauline. It's even harder to know that he would never reciprocate your feelings-It was painful I don't deny that, but it was also bearable- until some months ago I made it unbearable."

I stopped, Michael was still silent- his face was unreadable but I knew that he had lots to say and was just waiting for the right moment to drop the bomb.

"I kissed him the day I met you." Talking about irony I thought.

Michael expression hadn't changed the only noticeable prove of his current mood was the way he was holding so tightly to the armset of the couch, but that wasn't why I had paused, it was because I had realize I had never told this to anyone aside from myself, and out loud sounded so different as how I had replayed it many times inside my head.

"He moved away. I should have known" I let out a sarcastic laugh "I mean that's what best friends do right? They read each others like open books, then why I didn't predict what was gonna happen?"

"Because that's what love does." It was the first time he had spoke since I had arrived. I was too shocked to say anything so I kept quiet assuming he was going to continue.

But he didn't and soon enough we found ourselves again lost in the awkwardness of such boisterous silence.

I nodded "Yes it blinds you, makes you see the person as you want to see him, not as he really is. It gives you the sweetest hope just to be welcomed with the cold spat of reality."

"I would like to say I felt nothing when I kissed him but then I will be lying to myself an-" I paused again when I realized Michael had stood up from the couch and was walking towards me. His expression was full of anger and there were tears forming in his eyes. He grabbed my wrists so strongly that his force obligated my body to stand up. He shook me roughly and still holding my hands tightly he placed them on his chest until I was able to feel his heart beats.

"Are you enjoying this? HUH? ARE YOU ENJOYING THIS?" he asked so out of himself. I didn't answer; I was too shocked "Can you feel it? Can you hear it? How is it breaking- BREAKING FOR YOU BROOKE!" he pressed my hand harder against his chest "FEEL IT!" then he cracked, let go of my hands and knelt on the floor, he buried his head on his hands and started to shake. I was standing there watching how he collapsed because of what I was saying. Then I heard him sobbing. I knelt next to him and patted his back- as my hand made contact with the fabric of his shirt he shrugged but didn't hesitate as I thought he would; instead he just let me comfort him. "Please let me finished" I whispered in his ear. He shrugged again and turned to look at me. Beautiful green eyes drowned by tears. He regained his posture and sat on the floor.

Suddenly I felt it- an unfailing tear waiting to abandon my eye. Suddenly I was crying as well, God knows for how long I had been crying before realizing it.

"Sorry" It was barely a murmur that came from his lips. "Sorry"

"It's ok"

He broke the gaze and instead started to look down at the floor. "Let's get this over with then"

"Okay" I smiled at him even if he was still staring at the floor.

"Then you appeared in the picture, at first I didn't want to give you a chance because I was too blinded by Jim. I didn't want to give you a chance just like I had never given a chance to those who showed the slightest interest in me. But there was something about you so different from all the others- so I gave you a chance. Every second spent with you drifted me away from Jim. So away that I started to see him for what he truly was; a person, not some sort of God. And as a person he was flawless, just like any other human. As a person he was just my best friend."

"Maybe I would always love him, maybe he would always have a part of me, but right now if he came and claimed he loved me and kissed me I bet I won't feel neither as half of what I feel when you kiss me."

The way he titled his head was automatic, his eyes had widened in surprise and there weren't tears in them anymore. He lifted the corners of his lips slowly and finally suppressed the first real smile of the day.

"So… what you are saying is…" he trailed off.

"That I pick you Michael! I pick you, if you are willing to take me back." I flushed. He crawled through the rug until both his arms, sustained to the floor, were parallel to mine. His face was so close that I could felt his breath tickling in my mouth. He caught me off guard when he kissed me. It was such a tender kiss. And as his lips fusion with mine all I could think was how soft were the texture of his lips, how they fitted perfectly with mine. He tasted like tangerine. He ended the kiss with a nip in my bottom lip. I opened up my eyes slowly.

"Was that a yes?" I asked.

He kissed me again deeper much more demanding. "You tell me" he said with his lips still mere inches away from mine, as he talked they still brushed together.

"I think that was totally a yes" I smiled but he replied "No"

Before I had time to question what the hell he meant he kissed me again so strongly that I couldn't tell where his lips ended and mine begun. His tongue made wonders inside my mouth "That was totally a yes- the other one was just a yes"

I chuckled "Mi I'm so sorry for what I made you go through this week I'm terribly sorry really-" He traced the pattern of my lips with his fingertip and whispered in my ear "Shh It's okay you don't have to apologize."

"No really I have too I mea-" but he shushed me again "You don't have to apologize you could just make out with me"

I patted his chest "You perv"

He laughed "Come on you know you want me"

"When did you become so modest?" I retorted sarcastically.

He narrowed his eyes "Most have been around the time that you became sarcastic"

I hit his chest lightly and we started to laugh together as he encircled his arms around my waist I rested my head on his chest feeling how it rose and fell. Then he did the most unbearable thing anyone can do… he started tickling me.

"Michael stop it! Stop it" I managed to say between laughs.

"Why should I stop when you are having the heck of a time" and he started to tickled me again. He pinned up my wrists to the floor so I wouldn't be able to stop him from tickling me. "St-hahaha-stop" "God- please… stop" I couldn't control my laughter. "Sorry I don't understand what you are saying" he said calmly.

"PLEASE STOP!" I managed to say at last.

"Ow you should have just said that" he replied sarcastically and stopped tickling my belly. He stared at me his hair was falling lightly on my forehead. His deep stoning eyes looked so warm again. He gazed at me intently and burst out laughing. We both burst out laughing; such a perfect melody full of crescendos.

Then interlude.

He still had pinned up my wrists with his hands I suddenly realized how close he really was. Our legs were tangled up together; he seemed to have realized that and flushed a pretty shade of red. "Hum.. Sorry… hum I…" he tried to retreat himself from the awkward posture in which we were laying but somehow he must have slip and instead of separating our bodies they collided even more. "Oh I'm such a klutz sorry" as he told me that his breath tickled in my neck. He sustained his weight with his arms and as he was about to seat up something mad possessed me to say what I said.

"No" I told him as I touched his shoulder. "It's okay" and I pushed him towards me. His lips collided with mine so many times that after awhile my lips felt sore. He placed his left arm at the length of my breastbone and the other was still sustained to the floor. He stood up and took off his shirt. He offered me his hand to stand up from the floor. I accepted it and before I could think of any other place to sit he was already kissing me- he had pushed me to the couch and I hadn't even noticed. I rested my head on the armset of the couch and he started to nip my neck. "No hickeys!" I ordered and he groined "Why not!"

"Sorry boy not marks on my neck this time"

"Ow- how unfair! Fine you win" he said as he chuckled. Then he lifted the hem of my blouse a bit and my bellybutton was visible.

"Is this a cute little bellybutton I see?" He blabbed as his fingertips caressed my belly.

"No, it's a bulletproof" I told him as I laughed.

"Poor little bulletproof looks sad"

I furrowed my eyebrows "Well he'd been a bit lonely lately"

He raised his head to meet my eyes "Really? Hmm we'd have to do something about that" and with that he started to trace small kisses on my belly. It all felt so funny- I have never got that far with anybody- not that we had gone far enough, but still- as he started to suck on my belly I started to wondered. Oh God is this too quick? Is it okay that he is nipping my belly? Is it okay? Should I stop? What if we end up having sex? Oh no what if I have my huge granny underwear with me? Why am I thinking on underwear? Who thinks about underwear? What if anything turns out wrong? What if he doesn't like my body? Would he think I'm easy? Oh God what should I do? But as I wander into confusing thoughts I realized he had stopped and was looking at me.

"What?" I asked obliviously.

"Are you okay?" he asked concerned.

"Yeah" my voiced trembled a bit.

"You know we can stop. We'll stop anytime you want. I'm sorry- sorry was I going to fast?" He asked all flushed which caused me too flush even more.

"No- no. Okay I'm nervous. I had never done anything like this- the most I had made was kissing someone and that was with you."

"It's okay, there's no rush for anything, it's okay I understand it perfectly" He kissed my forehead tenderly "I'm just going to stand up and bring you some water and we'll go to see a movie or the park or the beach." He was suggesting all too fast.

I sighed "Michael the thing is…that I don't want you to stop." I couldn't believe what I had just said. I couldn't believe what I'd just said. Seriously I couldn't. Where had the rational Brooke had gone? Maybe she was lost along with her neurons. Maybe it was too soon- and I wasn't referring to having sex or anything just that he kept me kissing. His eyes turned the darkest shade of green I'd seen; his skin was as pale as porcelain.

"You-you" he stopped "WHAT?" he asked confused.

"That we should keep going"

"But- you-I. You don't have to make this, I don't' want you to feel pressured. I mean I really want to keep going but I don't know if you are ready- because if you aren't I understand perfectly an-" I cut him off by kissing him hard. It wasn't pressure; I wanted to actually keep on going. I took off my blouse- Michael gasped as he admired my semi-naked torso. He gulped and practically attacked my neck. His hands were resting on my sides. We kept like that for some more minutes until the door burst open and we heard the cracking of something.

There in the doorframe she stood Stacy and let me tell you, she was not happy at all.


Ten minutes later I was still seating on the couch with my blouse back on and all I could hear was how Michael was still trying to calm down Stacie.

"How could you do that Michael! Have you gotten over me? Have you forgotten?" her winning voice hurt my ears.

"Stacie… we've been through this before. One: I'm not dating you and I haven't been dating you for awhile now. Two: Brooke is my girlfriend now and I'm in love with her. Three; I haven't forgotten what we live and I would never forget neither the good things nor the bad ones." There was something so cold about his tone that made me shiver.

"Oh Honey I'm so sorry- I never meant too, I'm sorry I was such a bitch- please forgive me. Let me make it up to you"

"No Stacy, we've been through this as well, it's over okay? You can't keep calling or coming here- you have to move on."

"No no, you know you want me, you still love me you know that. You are just using her to forget me right? Right?" She was sobbing- God what a nerve of that bimbo- I was here listening to all she was saying and she didn't even care.

"OF COURSE NOT! I'M NOT YOU" Michael's voices echoed throughout the entire house. He had crossed the line and he knew it- whatever Stacy did to him in the past must have been something awful to make him say those things.

"Oh my God" Michael said calmly this time. "wait Stacy, sorry I-"

But Stacy had already stormed out of the room soaked up in tears she looked at me with so much hate I actually got scared.

"Stacy!" Michael came after her. "Just forget what I said"

"No. It's what I deserve. Don't apologize for something that's true." She left the house crashing the door hard as she did so.

"Someone forgot to take her Ritalin" I joked. Michael plopped himself next to me on the couch. What she had done that was so bad that left Michael in such state?

"Hey" I put my hand on his shoulder. He smiled weakly and reached out for my hand. "Sorry that you have to hear that."

"It's okay, but she most had done something really bad."

"Yes she did." He didn't want to talk about that so I didn't push him to it. I knew that when he was ready he would tell me.

"Hey don't worry- let's do something! Go to the movies. No let's go to the park!"

"The one that's your favorite place?" he asked.

"Michael, you are my favorite place now." We sealed that sentence with a kiss.



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