be a teen

so dirty clean

and wash your cares away

dry your tears

and cut your skin

act only as you may

grab the bottle

drink it down

put paper to the pen

be free to sin

be free to fail

be free if only then

see the world

as you wish

and wish it all to die

cause you're a teen

and so deeply sad

whisper sweet goodbyes

you don't wanna

live no more

you wish you never did

walk up to god

stare him down

place your evil bid

play with fire

play with knives

test all your kinds of luck

play the game

until your wasted

til your so deeply drunk

with the hate

and the anger

that you swear you've always had

so write the rhymes

pop the pills

till we've all gone mad

and it's okay

to live this way

after all you're just a teen

with a soul so jaded

and heart impure

your mind- a dirty clean