A Stranger For a Friend

"K, I'll get the door." Adam grasped the handle and kicked the bottom of the door until it turned. Hunter pushed passed him to stare at the figure on the floor.

"Holy shit!"

"Hunter?" Adam dropped the door. "Whoa." They both stared at the girl who was Daniel.

5- Long Story

"No wonder he's so small. And light." Hunter scooped up the Daniel/girl for the third time and placed her on the other bed.

"Look at her shoulder. What happened?"

"She's just passed out, still breathing. Wonder how she got that."

"Hey. Do you think we should, like, cover 'er up?" Hunter gently covered the sleeping roommate with a blanket. "Uh, Hunt man, you need to see this." Adam stood hi the bathroom looking at the box.

"What is it? Drugs?"

"Local Anesthesia." Adam read off the bottle. "And then there's that." He pointed to the gun nestled in the box.

"No!" Hunter's head snapped back to the bed. He'd never heard Daniel talk like that. It was definitely more feminine. "Buddy!" the word would have been hilarious in any other situation but the horror and raw anguish made him pale. "Don't leave me! No!"

"She's gonna hurt herself. If she keeps movin'. Calm her down." Hunter gently held her in a bear hug.


Erika was back in the first bunker. She grabbed Buddy's hand and hauled him into the bunker.

"We've gotta make it to the other bunker, they'll be able to pick us up there." Buddy breathed. "Let's go." They slipped out the back. To be casual they walked, hand in hand like young lovers. They were in the clear until they reached the edge of town. A shot rang out from far away, Buddy moved in front of her, wrapping her in a hug. Something tore through the top of his left shoulder and slammed into her right.

"Run!" The two kids separated and sprinted into the forest. Faster, faster, she had to keep up with him. Behind them, she heard the clatter of gunfire. A trap, oh god, it had been a trap. She saw him fall ahead of her so she dove down in the brush next to her partner. Fear clouded her eyes as he hugged her. His warm blood seeping into her own. He held her tight and rocked her. Erika began to cry, not even the best doctors at the Compound would be able to save him.


"It's ok, it's ok." Hunter said as he rocked her in his arms. She was crying in her sleep. On top of her crying, the bra top she wore looked tight, as if she was having problems breathing. When she shivered he pulled more blankets to them and wrapped her up. She fell asleep.


For her it was a dreamless sleep which was good. The nightmare hadn't gone all the way. She didn't have to relive Jesse dying. For tonight. Tomorrow could be different. Erika sighed in her sleep and held on tighter to her pillow.


Hunter stared at Adam. Then back down at the unknown girl in his arms.

"Dude, is she asleep?"

"Yeah, on top of me. I'm in a death grip."

"I'll go get some food, it's almost supper."

"You're not gonna tell anyone are you?"

"No, there's a reason why she's here and I doubt she wants it publicized." Adam left the room and Hunter began to get drowsy. He relaxed against the girl and closed his eyes briefly. This was all mind-blowing for him. Too much weighed on his mind as it pulled him under the surface of sleep.