Sometimes when you go outside, very late at night during the cold seasons, just after the last lights of the party goers finally fade into the rest of the night, you can find a soft patch of grass to sit down on with the moon shining down onto you. The moonlight on these nights is bright enough to see all 'round you, almost as if the moon had been kissed by the sun, giving the lunar being just enough streangth to shine a bit brighter that night. On nights like this, when you're curled up in a quilt amoungst the frost-covered gras,s you can look around you, everything crystal-clear, and you can see the shadows of the trees. These shadows aren't the same sort of shadows you see during the day. No, their unique beauty far surpasses that of the ordinary silouets created during the daylight hours. It is the darkness of the night, the secrets of the darkened world. Many fondly call it, "Nightshade."