Alan's Disappearance

By:Andrew Troy KeIler

This is the story about a man named Alan Brewster,

Who had suddenly disappeared on the Fifth day of December.

Some say that it was due to an overdue rent

Payment to a nasty landlord for a small sized apartment.

But actually,the real reason had came down from another

Planet in the form of a truly beautiful blonde woman,

Who had looked like she hasn't been with a man

Before,until she had came to our very own planet

And started walking among us within an identity so secret

That everyone else would only think of her as human.

Just then,when he noticed that she had walked into

The room,a smiling Alan had walked right over to

Her and asked,"Has anyone ever told how beautiful you

Are?Because I do believe it to be the truth."

And then,after she had turn her head over to

His and let out a smile,the mysterious beauty had

Placed her hand on top of Alan's and said,"Glad

That I was able to show up in this place

And found someone who is not such a total disgrace."

After they've let out a small chuckle and each had

A few drinks,the two newfound friends had decided to

Go back to his apartment,have a nightcap or two

And allow themselves to enjoy a night of pure erotic

Pleasure,only to have a bright light appear and pick

Them up,before it had left the Earth years ago.