Chapter 7

"Ok, Mom, its coming down, so be careful. Here it is." Elise lifted a heavy box down from the attic, as her mother grabbed it from the bottom and guided it down. It had been a month since Lydia's operation, and she had healed wonderfully. Dr. Opkins was amazed at her rapid recovery. Lydia insisted it was because of the care of her amazing daughter.

"She was worse than you when it came to what I could and could not do," Lydia explained to her doctor laughing.

But they had finally rested enough, and Elise allowed them to carry on with their pursuit to find the mystery woman who had changed both of their lives forever.

"Let's see if it's in here?" Lydia said as she tore the masking tape off and began to rummage through the old, worn box.

"Wow, look at this. Ah, you were so little." Lydia smiled as she came across Elise's baby hospital bracelet. "Oh, and your first outfit!" she cooed as she pulled out a pink full body suit with daisies decorating it. "Look at all the stuff in here. It's all your baby stuff. You were such a cutie!"

"Mom!" Elise retorted.

Lydia rummaged through the box, finding several things from Elise's birth and first few months. She was premature, and had been very small.

"Yes, here it is. I knew I still had it!" Elise extracted an old tattered homemade poster from the bottom of the old worn, box. Lifting it out, her daughter read the old paper that had once been white, but now possessed a yellowish tint.

"Jesus loves you and your baby. Just turn around, you don't have to do this." she read the old, familiar sign.

"I can't believe I still have it." She said more to herself than anyone else. "This signed definitely helped to change things for me, and for you Ma'am." Lydia cast a gaze at her daughter.

"Is her phone number on the back?" her daughter inquired impatiently.

Lydia flipped the poster over, and caught view of the phone number. "Yes, its still there, just as I remember it."

"Awesome, let's call!" Elise said excitedly. Lydia paused for a moment. She was as excited as her daughter to contact this long lost friend and savior, but now being so close, it was odd. She didn't know exactly what she was going to say. But she had to do it. It needed to be done.

"Ok. Let's put the rest of this stuff away and we'll call." Her mother instructed.

"Can we keep this box out? I kind of like looking at it." Elise explained to her mother.

"Of course we can."

Elise placed the attic latch back in place and lifted the box from the ground. Leading the way, poster in hand, her mother made her way into the kitchen. Setting the box on the kitchen table, Elise joined her mother to view the phone number.

"Ok, let's make this call!" Lydia smiled and extracted the phone from its cradle. Slowly dialing the digits, she patiently held the phone to her ear, listening to the rings.

"Gosh this is weird," she thought to herself. She tried her hardest to hide any awkward feelings from her daughter. But her daughter's mind possessed many of the same thoughts. She had been told the story of Noelle time and time again, but finally communicating with this compassionate phantom seemed unreal.

"Hello, um, hello, my name is Lydia Snodgrass, does Noelle Jones still live at this residence?"

"No, I'm sorry. She moved out years ago. She is married and has kids of her own now. but, I'm her mother, Kara Jones. May I ask how you know my daughter?"

"Yes, um, you don't know me, but I knew your daughter about twenty years ago. We met in front of the abortion clinic in Manhattan. She convinced me to keep my baby and changed my life."

"Lydia," the elderly woman repeated. "I remember Noelle talking about you. How are you sweetheart?"

Lydia smiled at the woman's kind heart. "I'm doing well. Well, actually, the last couple of months have been a little crazy. That's what prompted me, and my daughter Elise, to contact Noelle."

"Oh really, do you mind if I ask what?" the woman inquired.

"Well, I found out a little over a month ago that my kidneys wer failing and I would need a transplant as soon as possible. Well, Elise insisted that she be tested, and she was a perfect match. She gave me her kidney. Well, it got me thinking. If I didn't have her, who knows what would have happened to me. God truly blessed me. And I owe your daughter quite a bit for the fact that I kept her."

"Oh Sweetie, it was God, plain and simple. He just used Noelle."

"Yes, I would definitely have to agree with that."

"Oh, but I know Noelle would love to see you and hear about this. She would get discouraged from time to time after coming home from the clinic and seeing what she saw. This will be a great thing for her to hear, for her to know that Christ was truly using her for good. You know the day she met you, she came home glowing. She was so excited to see God at work."

"He was definitely at work that day."

"Let me get Noelle's information for you right now. She's still living here in New York. She's married and has two kids. And she's a doctor and his married to another doctor."

"Oh, that's great. I always knew she would go far."

Lydia copied down the appropriate information from the woman and returned the phone to the cradle.

"Well, this is it, Elise. We got her number."