I was helpless

Almost lifeless

Drowning in my own blood

Feeling low and feeling sad

Slowly cutting through thin flesh

Realizing that my life is a big mess

I was passing through

I tried to keep my eyes open

Waiting for the moment

Light fading, life falling away

Slowly breathing, but I can no longer stay

Memories flashed before my eyes

I was ready to end it all

Hanging in air, ready to fall

I was waiting for the moment

Falling hard on the cold cement

But to my surprise it didn't happen

I heard soft flapping of wings

I was in the arms of a divine being

It felt like I was lying in bed

Sweet smell of roses filled my head

His tears moistened my dried soul

I was saved

Given a new life

He held my hand and whispered light

I felt my heart beat, winning the fight

I slowly opened my burnt eyes

And on his face a sweet smile lies

For the longest time I heard my heart laughed

In his arms I felt warmth wrapped

I rest upon my angel