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"Well are you gonna answer, Angel Boy?" she ran her fingers through my hair, "Or do I need to kiss you again?"

"No you don't need to do it again," I backed away slightly; "It was good."

"I'm not convinced," she said stepping closer to me. I kept backing away and eventually tripped over my pants. She giggled slightly, "I'll remember this moment for the rest of my life. Death is so intimidating."

"Shut up! You were the one who was trying to kiss me!" I threw my pants into the corner.

"Maybe but still!" she put her hand out," Here, since everything is my fault let me help you up."

I grabbed her hand and stood, "Thanks," I said and sat on my bed. I felt her sit down behind me and run her fingers down my back. She stopped and circled her finger around one spot, the spot with the tattoo.

"What does this mean?" she asked as she traced over the Japanese symbols.

"It means 'Death shall conquer all'," a shiver went up my spine as she continued to trace the tattoo.

"That's kind of a bold thing to say about yourself."

"Oh well," I sighed.

She said nothing but instead began to trail kisses over the tattoo. It felt so good, I wasn't gonna lie, but it felt weird too. I mean why would she want to seduce me? I know that she said I was attractive but that couldn't be the reason.

"You taste good," she said bluntly.


"Let me guess, you don't understand."

"No, I understand, but," I paused and turned around to look at her face, "why? What I mean is why would you even recognize the taste of someone's flesh? Besides that I can't imagine that'd it taste good. It's just a bunch of dead cells, flaking off and what-not."

"Thanks for totally ruining the moment," she sat back, almost lying down.

"Sorry," I said and lay down next to her. I could feel the warmth coming from her body, I wasn't used to that either, dead people were cold. I moved closer to her and laid my head on her shoulder.

"What are you doing?" she asked as she ran her fingers through my hair.

"You're warm," I snuggled up to her and wrapped my arm around her waist, "it feels good."

"You've been deprived of people your whole life, well like friends I mean, haven't you."

"Yes," I said and nuzzled into her more. I felt like a five year old snuggling with their mother after having a bad dream.

"You poor thing," she ran her hand over my cold, tattooed arm. She sat up, letting my head fall to the pillow, "but why do I care? You don't want me."

"What are you talking about?" I asked sitting up.

"Let's see… only about twenty minutes ago you wanted me to leave. Now the only reason you want me to stay is because I'm warm."

"Remy, that's not true!" I said loudly.

"I'm again not convinced."

"Fine then," I said and kissed her roughly. I wrapped my arms around her thin waist and pulled her closer. I could feel the warmth of her body sinking into mine. It felt so good to feel human flesh, living human flesh. She put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me away, "Don't do this unless it means something to you Angel."

"It does mean something. This is the first time that I have felt something, warmth and fondness and stuff like that. I'm not being morbid for once and that's a total plus."

"Oh, I didn't realize…" her voice trailed. She thought a moment but said nothing. Finally she through me (softly but hard enough) against my headboard. She straddled over my lap and kissed down my neck. She kissed to my chest then sort of hovered over a tattoo that was written above my left nipple (her right being that she was facing me). She pulled away and read it, "Why are we dying to live if we're just living to die?"

"It's from a song," I said but she shushed me.

"I know, it's Hawthorn Heights. But my question is… why does 'Death' have it tattooed on his chest? You can't die."

"True, but the reasons I have it are 1.) I love Hawthorn Heights and 2.) I've just always wondered why living is just so important to humans."

"Because life (think what you will about it) is a great thing. I mean you get to experience new things and fall in love and all that good stuff. Sure, bad things happen but you get over it, believe me, you get over it. You learn from your mistakes and you feel so fulfilled afterwards. Life is so much more that what people make it out to be."

"Oh, I see. Tell me what has happened in your life."

"Well in the beginning it was great, then my parents died. I was twelve when I moved in with my grandma and I stayed there until I was sixteen. I bought a small apartment with the money my parents left me and to pay rent, I, how do I say it? I sold services to men."

"So you were a prostitute."

"Pretty much. I know it sounds bad but I made good money. Besides, I only did it for a year, at seventeen I became a stripper. I did that for a year as well and then I got a real job. I've been going to school for about two years now in hopes of getting a business degree. I have two years left and I'm really looking forward to graduating."

"Your life sounds really sucky, sorry to say. And then you still go on saying that life is a great thing. Remy, are you on drugs or something?"

"Nope, not anymore. I got clean a year ago. Yay for me!" she smiled, "So, where were we?"

"You were kissing my tattoo."

"Oh yeah," she said and went right back to it. Her lips were soft and it felt so good to be near her. I ran my hands over her silky thighs as she began to kiss my lips once more. She kissed my neck and my hands continued to move up, over her smooth sides and her tiny waist and finally to the soft curve of her breasts. I ran my hands over this area a few times having never felt skin so soft. She moaned slightly and I took my hands down. I pulled away from the amazing kisses and lifted her off me.

"What are you doing?!" she screamed at me.

I got off my bed and took out some leather pants, "Sorry Remy, but I have to go to work, well I have to kill some people."

She frowned and crossed her arms, "But why now? I'm super horny and you just have to leave?"

"Yeah, sort of. It would appear to be that way," I pulled my pants on and buckled the three straps that closed them. I put on a shirt that had matching buckles and showed most of my abdomen.

She gave me this look that said 'What the hell are you wearing?' This made it irresistible to ask, "Like my outfit?"

"You know Angel, I thought only girls were supposed to wear belly shirts."

"Oh well," I said, "I needed to show off my belly button ring." I saw her look at it.

"It is sexy but you still can't leave! I'm really, really horny and I need my needs satisfied."

"Oh well, I'll be back later," I opened my window.

"God! You are such an asshole!"

"Hey I'm Death, I don't have to be a nice person. I can do whatever I want and long as it's not against God. So guess what? We can't have sex anyways, we're not married."

"No!" she screamed.

"Bye now!" I said and jumped out the window.

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