This story is a working process. It is shakily based on a relationship I had with this boy. sigh Painful, empty memories, they were. Anyway, this is a sort of experiment, so please excuse me if it comes off as a little rough.

Fool Love

Chapter One: IM Conversation #52

cool-aid58: talk to me jess

babyblues118: how was the game last night?

cool-aid58: Ugh!

babyblues118: ?

cool-aid58: Don't remind me

cool-aid58: please

babyblues118: oh i see

babyblues118: y'all lost

cool-aid58: arghh, jess...i thought you loved me

babyblues118: I heart more than you know, reed

cool-aid58: :-) and you practically own me, jess

babyblues118: hmm...

cool-aid58: what--you don't believe me?

babyblues118: ...

cool-aid58: :o how dare you question my love! girl, don't you know I would take the moon away from heaven just so people could see it is you who lights us the night and not that holy piece of round cheese

babyblues118: not bad, Romeo, but that's just a little less than romantic

cool-aid58: I could give you the stars...

babyblues118: now, that's just crazy...and tired out

cool-aid58: :-( what do you want from me, jess?

babyblues118: maybe something real

cool-aid58: you lost me

babyblues118: so what happened?

babyblues118: at the game, I mean

cool-aid58: patrick fumbled the ball twice--once before almost making the winning touchdown

babyblues118: ouch

cool-aid58: yeah

babyblues118: that sucks

cool-aid58: I know

cool-aid58: hey, I g2g

babyblues118: k bye

cool-aid58: c ya

babyblues118: k

cool-aid58: luv ya

babyblues118: b2u