A land stripped of rights and freedoms
Drowning in a reactionary abyss.
The time for change slowly dawns upon us
And we our actions must fix.

Lift the burdens of ideals forced
Remember what this country was founded upon.
If we don't our hearts might burst
And shower blood throughout the dust.

Inclusive of all beliefs
The government can deny no one.
No one's right to freely think
To freely act
To freely speak
Ever swept away again.

Conservatives, liberals, and moderates alike
Agreeing on one single truth.
The religious right can believe what they wish
But the government itself it cannot infiltrate.

Rights undenied, speech unsupressed
All values respected and accepted.
The hand of government loose in dictation;
We can all vent our frustration.

It's not enough to cry and sigh
And balk at what is wrong.
Speak your truths and you will be heard
Deny censorship.

America the free
America the all-inclusive
America the uncensored.