Your face stings my eyes

I'm never going to win this game

I swear to anything, I'll never be tame

All I know is hate

All I hate isn't you

I'm gonna fix the whole world Taliban-style

Smash statues because I hate memories

Rip the constitution because I hate laws

Burn buildings just because

Don't tell me it'll be ok

I am not even sane.

The only think ok for you

Is me in a straight jacket

I love you so much I have to kill you

I can't take the pain myself

I don't care, though

Kill the world and no one's left to do wrong

Red bubbles form on my arm

Pop and they drip down

It doesn't even hurt

It looks to pretty to hurt

I love you a thousand times

I hate you two more

Making useless conversation

A tradition I never got

Someone comes uninvited

You say "hello did you tell me you were coming?

I say nothing I just kill them

All I have learned all I'd learn

Is to hate and kill

I love you for that, darling

Hit me again

I'll get you another towel

You want more books?

There are things about me I don't even know

But you want to know it all?

I'll tell you before I kill you

Maybe. If the idea pleases me

I do need therapy

No matter what you do

I'd still come after you

This heat doesn't agree with me

Kill the sun

It coagulates my happiness

It's can't get to where ever it goes

Sunglasses to shield my anguish

Clothes to hide my scars

Skin to bury the shards of my broken