Desirae; After The Fact

-Dedicated to me-

Tyler twisted on the floor before her

and squeezed his palm

into her cheek

a brand

and mark

a sign

like that God Damned song

playing again and again

in my head.





on her face



so show her value

as though it could be priced.

He said that he was board

and oh-so-torn

inside those straight lines


to keep me

and my knowledge of the situation

away from that brand


in all of my brutal strength I would have ripped it off of her face.

He said it was over

expecting tears

and words

of silver


to be pierced

against my pen

because he knew that I would write it down

and express myself

and my small part in all of this.

He lies with a disclaimer


only lust creeps past his loins

and the rest of us

just his toys

to release himself within.

I don't want to go back to the beginning now

or choose to forget my scars

still bleeding

beneath the pigment

of color

rising with the sunrise

so black

and so white

are my thoughts.

I see

her shedding now

just as I did

after his palm on my cheek.

I think

of the silence

of the words that she will say after this

and I can feel

her wounds

rip apart



now so jagged

inside this never ending rain fall.

Tyler twisted

in front of me

and I let the silence be

and myself reinvested in the situation.

The rain,

I can feel it again

on my lips

and I lick in the moisture

that is the beginning

and the end

all in one inconclusive droplet from the sky.

I can feel

the medicine

within it

as it drips down my throat

meant to find my wholes

and fill it

with translucent liquid so I can see myself again.

My wounds

are mirrors

to see my true self through

and I don't mind looking anymore.



will hit her hard

and she will find

the solution

isn't that easy to find in the first place.

The degree

of this storm

of a mans hands

filtering in and out of you

can kill a women

who's not strong enough


who's never faced the conclusion head on.

The weight

of a body filled with bones

can be enough

to drown a women

if she's not careful.

She says

that she never locked her door

because he was always with her

she should have known.

She tells me

that she never thought

that it would

or could

or should

happen to her

but isn't that always how it is.

She wants to know

and like the rain falling

I am not afraid to reveal myself


this crowd

of look a-likes

who look

so different


yet so similar


I feel the rain

falling against my lips

as his lips fell against them

and I'm not afraid to reveal