I hate living

So tedious and tiring

Almost like, I'm dieing

By living this lie

So to make my living death

Less boring

I've brought along some toys

Shiny and sharp as ice

Painful as fire

My favorite is the cheese grater

Sharper then the rest

This one sharp as fear

Painful as life

Slicing my skin into skinny little strips

More blood flows then with the

Other knives

So much more

Oh, how I love my cheese grater

Slicing at my skin

Cutting me apart

Keeping me sane

I relish this soothing


Almost Heaven

I believe

My angels all live inside

My pain

Living in my bleeding


Of broken lies

And dieing dreams

All plying in my pain

Twisting it into

My sadistic pleasure

Because they love my cheese grater

Almost as much as I do