Chapter Ten: The Real Bewitching Hour

Megan had stayed in her room after Annie and Jack went downstairs for something to drink. Both of them sat at the table across from each other. Annie with a cup of coffee; Jack with a can of beer.

"This is really happening, isn't it, Jack?" Annie asked.

Jack just nodded.

"Joseph has to be a ghost or something. All that's happened so far are moving objects, nobody's seen a physical thing yet."

Jack just took a sip of the beer while looking to the window, avoiding giving his wife any eye contact. Annie caught on to this in an instant because he always did that when he was hiding something.

"Jack Adam Naps!"

"Annie Margaret Naps."

"Have you seen Joseph at all these past few nights when all this has been happening!?"

Jack stalled for a second before finally answering, "yes. At least, I think I did."

"Why didn't you say anything before?"

"I don't know!"

"Well what did you see?"

"It happened the night Megan came to live with us. I woke up in the middle of the night cause I got thirsty like usual. I go to the bathroom, bend my head down to watching what I was doing, I look up I see a guy glaring at me from behind. I turn around there's nobody there and I look back at the mirror and saw only myself again. I go back to the bed and out the window I see him again and then he disappeared before I could take a single step toward the window."

"Our room is on the second story."

"That's what made me believe I was half-asleep when seeing him."

"Okay. What did he look like, Jack?"

Jack ran a hand through his hair and tried to think back. "I couldn't really tell his height but he had green eyes, pale skin, short dark brown hair, and what caught my attention was he was dressed in colonial clothes…but they looked kind of torn up and charred like…"

"Like he was in a fire."

Megan was sitting by the rail while listening to them talk. And thinking back to it, the guy she saw when she woke up from that strange dream looked exactly like the one Jack had just described. It really is you, isn't it, she thought. Joseph Alexander Marcroft.

Wait a minute! His journal never specified his middle name!

Megan went back to her room and reached for the book, then remembered it flew out the window. She went to the window and looked toward the old house and saw the light on in the old bedroom.

"You're there, Joseph, I know you are."

She opened the window and started to go out it, grabbing onto the pipeline by her window and climbing down.

"Did you hear anything?" Jack lifted his head while hearing Megan climb down the wall.

"I'll check on Megan, you look outside," Annie stood up and moved to the staircase.

"Good idea."

Annie went upstairs to Megan's room and opened the door and saw she wasn't in the room and the window was open. She ran to the window and looked out it and saw Megan heading to the old house.

"Jack! It's Megan, she's heading to the destroyed house three blocks down!"


Annie turned to the now closed door to the bedroom. She walked toward it and turned the knob but the door wouldn't open. Then the window closed loudly by itself causing her to jump.

"I gave you my final waning but you two refused to listen!"

She couldn't see where the voice was coming from, but she knew well enough it was him.

"You're suppose to be dead, Joseph."

Laughter came as a response.

"They burned you. You, and your sister both died in the fires! She's dead and so are you."

"Nay. As I promised, she and I shall live forever until she's back in my arms where she belongs!"

"She's dead. This isn't her anymore. You've lost her forever."

A hard slap across the face was what Annie received, making her stumbled against the wall. Then two strong arms pressed her shoulders firmly against the wall and she found herself staring into two fierce green eyes.

"Lies! 'Tis not true and we both know this. My Emily is well alive but you have kept her from me this whole time!"

"She's not Emily!"

"She is!"

Annie pushed him away and managed to finally get the door open. She ran out but Joseph was in front of her again and gave another hard slap in the face before disappearing again.

"You cannot keep her from me this time. For over three hundred years you filthy mortals have tried everything to keep her from me. From staying away from Hallowmane to exorcism when you believed she was possessed just when she knew who she really was!"

"So what are you gonna do? Kill us?"

"Whatever it is I must do, I shall do it."

"Is that what you really want!" Annie made it downstairs. "Tell me, Joseph, you don't want to kill so what the hell do you want!"

Joseph reappeared behind her and leaned in and whispered in her ear.

"I want my sister back." Joseph quickly grabbed Annie by her arms roughly. "Understand now?"

Jack finally made it to the old house and started searching for Megan. He didn't see her anywhere; not in the kitchen, the bedroom, by the fireplace, there wasn't that much space to go so she had to be somewhere. He went outside again to look around and she if she was outside and when she wasn't anywhere to be found he started heading back to his house…but was stopped when he heard singing.

The sun no longer shines for people like us

And the skies have turned to black

Everyone has left us all alone in the night

Hoping we just curl up and die

But the moon still shine for us

She still loves us even to this day

"Megan?" Jack began to walk back to the house, noticing the singing was coming from the bedroom. "But I checked there already."

We never needed anyone before

And we don't need them now

So long as I stay with you and remain in your arms

Only love will be felt tonight

Our mother knows our love and she smiles every night

As you hold me by the fire

And just a glitter of those earthy eyes tell me

That you'll love me until the end of time…

He found her in the bedroom. She was sitting by the two broken cots that were pushed together and she was staring at the lit candle. From the look of it it had been burning for a while and Megan had just gotten there, so it couldn't have been her.

"Megan, what are you doing here?"

Megan looked up at him while beginning to rock herself back and forth. Her soft gray eyes were sort of hazy and it looked like she wasn't looking straight at him.


"I'm waiting for Joseph to come back," her voice sounded the same however.

"Why are you waiting for him?"

"I need to know if it's true…if he's really my brother."

Jack just stared at her puzzled.

She just looked back to the candle. "He said tonight at midnight I'd remember everything, and he was right. What time is it now?"

Jack looked to his watch. "12:29."

"For half an hour now I've been seeing actual visions. The second I stepped foot in this house again I saw things as they were in the 1600's, I saw Joseph and I saw myself with him. Jack, I remember everything! I know my name, I know his name, both our birthdays and other little details that happened in our lives. I…I even remember our songs we wrote for each other," she chuckled, "We never made names for them, we just called them our songs. Oh, and his voice…I remember when he use to sing me to sleep. He had such a beautiful voice."

"You remember," Jack said while sitting on the edge of one of the cots. "That's mean you're her, right? You're…"


"Joseph's little sister and his lover."

"From then…to now…until the end."

"And…you're going to accept this?"

"Shit no!!" Megan stood up and turned to him. "As fucking tripped out as this is, it's insane! I can't live a life I already lived because I have this life to live right now. I may be Emily Marcroft's reincarnation but I am still Megan Alec!"

"What is your middle name anyway?"

"Never had one."

Jack got up and turned to the door. "Well, you're the witch. Got any ideas how to get rid of him?"

"There is one idea. I'll get it set up while you get your ass back to the house to find Annie."

"Annie! Shit, that's right, she went to check on you."

"And she told you I was here, yeah, yeah, I heard it all from here. Just get going."