-persistent action violence
-blood and gore
-horrific content
-mild language
-thematic elements
-mild drug content


The End of Days

After the Great Disappearance, a worldwide tragedy in which millions all over the world vanished in one instant, a new world order is created. The world, in a time of tragedy and terror, unites for the first time: under one government, one religion, one culture, one man. That man is Lukas Semis.

Lukas Semis, after a successfully leading the United Nations through the Great Disappearance, became the most well-liked and well-know politician in the world.

The world looked to him for leadership. He reluctantly accepted the role of world leader. During his term in office, he made a treaty guaranteeing the protection of Israel from the Palestinians and anyone else. The Palestinian attacks had been growing continually worse, but they stopped after the treaty.

Twenty-one months after the Great Disappearance, the war broke out. All over the world, people who would not accept Semis as their leader rallied, and attacked. Nuclear weapons were dropped on Houston, Philadelphia, Los Angelus, and Chicago. Pittsburgh, Phoenix, Washington D.C., and New York City were bombed out. The world is falling apart, the End is near. People all over the world are dying. The war, World War III, is the resistance versus the new government, and everyone everywhere is paying the price of war.

In bombed cities without radiation, troublemakers have formed gangs and are terrorizing remaining residents. The most widespread gang in the world, the Horsemen, are particularly ruthless and violent. They will attack anyone not in their gang.

The world is coming apart, and although the End is near, it is far from over. . . .