When Jason opened his eyes, all he could see was white. Bright, brilliant white. He could feel a warmth rising within him. He smiled. It was so beautiful. He stood up and looked around. White.

Then, before him a being emerged from the brilliant white. He was clothed in white robes, and he had four wings that he had wrapped his upper body in. His face glowed brighter than the sun, and Jason had to look away. "Hello, Jason," the being said. Such a sweet voice. It reminded Jason of an organ: gentle, yet not quiet; loud, but not harsh. His voice seemed to fill the air, and it caused Jason to become relaxed and calm.

"Who are you?" Jason managed at last.

"I am a messenger," he said. "You have so many questions, I know, and in time they will be answered. But for now, I will
address a question you have yet to even wonder about."

"Yes?" Jason said.

"You have a young girl traveling with you."

Jason nodded.

"She is only eight, and at the time of the Rapture, she was only six."

Jason saw where this was going. If Ellie was just six, then why would she not have gone up in the Rapture. Christians, babies (even the unborn), and most children under the age of ten had disappeared. Yet for some reason, Ellie did not.

"Why?" Jason said. He expected himself to sound angry, but he did not. He sounded curious, at best.

"Because she has been chosen."

"Chosen for what?" Jason queried.

"In due time you will come to understand. But for now, your role is to defend her at all costs. God has entrusted you, Jason Merick, to be her guardian."

Jason did not respond. What was going on here?

"The Spirit will come to you in power, and you will defend her. Such is the will of God."

Jason looked down at the revolvers in his hands. "The Spirit will come to me in power?"

"You will stand strong against your enemies, for the hand of God is upon you."

"I will," Jason said.

"And Jason, do not disregard your dreams, for you have been given a gift. Make use of it."

"Do you mean what I see will come true?"

"Make use of your gift."

Jason nodded. He could vividly remember his dreams. "But is it set in stone? Can I change the things I've seen in my dreams?"

"Make use of your gifts, friend. In time, all will be made clear to you."

"I understand," Jason said, although he barely did.

"May God be with you always."

"Thank you."

"Now, stand up," the messenger commanded, "and fight."

Jason snapped up to a sitting position. He was in the same place as before. He could see Brian behind a car; he was pinned down by the sniper.

Jason drew his revolvers and aimed at the sniper. He knew well that the shot was impossible. "With God," he reminded himself, "all things are possible." Jason fired. Once.

A bullet exploded from his revolver, and it kicked up in his hand. He watched and waited. Things seemed to be moving in slow motion. The sniper on the roof across the street stumbled in his death agony. He dropped his rifle and took several steps back. Jason shot again. And again. And again. The sniper fell from the roof of the building across the street and crashed to the ground.

"No way," Brian breathed. "I don't believe it."

"Why not?" Jason asked. "God is with us."

Jason walked over to his brother and helped him up. The two walked into the hospital. There was no foe that they could not bring down with each other--and with God.

"Jason! Brian!" Ellie cried when they walked back in. She sprung up and hugged them both. "I didn't think you were coming back," she sobbed.

Brian signaled that he was going to check on Marian.

Jason nodded. He then lifted Ellie up and sat her down on the reception desk. "Keep the faith, Ellie. God with us, and with you."

Ellie nodded. "I know, but you guys are all I have left now."

Jason put his hand on the top of her head. "I'll never leave you, and I will protect you, no matter what."

She nodded.

Jason lifted her back down to the ground. "Let's go see how Mary's doing."

"Okay," she said, following Jason down the hallway.

Marian was still unconscious, but the doctor said that she would be fine. She had suffered a bad blow to her stomach and head, but there was no serious damage done. He said that she would probably wake up in a couple hours, and that she would be discharged after a quick check up.

Brian, Jason, and Ellie slept through the night on uncomfortable hospital chairs, and in the morning, they woke up sore and irritable. But when they saw Marian awake and fine, they were all relieved beyond words.

After a quick check up, the doctor announced that Marian was fine. He told her she was free to go, but to take it easy, and to stay seated as much as possible. He also gave her a bottle of pain relieving pills, "just in case."

Jason fetched Marian's bag from the car and paid the receptionist right there, on the spot. She did not seem comfortable accepting so much money, but she smiled and thanked them and said, "We hope to see you again."

"Thanks a lot," Brian said sarcastically.

The four left the hospital and climbed into the car.

"What a day," Jason said.

"Tell me about it," Ellie replied. "Let's get out of here."

"Amen to that," Brian mumbled.