By Jamie Day

Chapter 1

They had to stop this. Ryan, a teacher of 25, watched Love Alexandra Destiny, a student of 17; give him another one of those looks.

She had been in his class for three years. To get into the nearby college she wanted to go to she had to take four speech classes and, unfortunately, he was the only speech teacher in the school district.

During her first and half way through her second year she had tried hard not to show how much she liked him but her emotions were like an open book. She didn't know how to keep a secret like this.

A secret he kept better than she was that he felt the same and her looks were making trouble for him. Things were getting dangerous.

She had given up on hiding the looks and he was having trouble staying away from her. It was the second quarter of her third year and he was having more trouble than ever.

He tried to stay away but something about her was magnetic, different from anyone else. He was going to have to do something. Something to make her hate him. And quick. He would put his plan into motion tomorrow. After he came to the bottom of this and gave her a little push…away from him.

"Love, can you stay after class today. Just for a moment. I'll write you a pass to your next class." Ryan Mathis said. He was the only person she had ever allowed to call her Love, everyone else called her Alex or Alexandra. He would have to change that too.

"Of course, Mr. Ry." She had always called him that as well. While everyone else called him Mr. Mathis she would call him Mr. Ry. Even worse they lived in the same apartment building and there when they talked there wasn't even a mister. She just called him Ry or Ryan.

He shook his head again, wishing she were his age. This would have to stop and he was going to put a stop to it as soon as possible…

Sorry so short. I had a quick idea and wanted to get it down and unfortunately this is as long as my good idea went. I, myself, really like the story line. I hope you guys do to. I know that for everyone out there, there is always that one teacher that you fantasize about. Yeah…so…enjoy.

And they all lived happily ever after,