Chapter 2

Love was busy panicking when the bell suddenly went off. After all the other teens filed quickly out of the room Love nervously made her way to the front of the room where Ryan stood gesturing for her to take a seat.

After sitting she looked up again, nervous. What reason would he have to keep her after class? She didn't think she'd done anything wrong.

"Love…" He cleared his throat to start again. "Alexandra, I realize that you might have gotten the wrong impression by us." Ryan said calmly.

Love got a very bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. " I don't know what you mean. You're my teacher and I'm your student." She said seriously.

Ryan sighed. "I think that you've come to think of this as more than just a teacher/student relationship." He said. He saw tears brim in her eyes because she was scared and nervous. He cursed. "Lo…Alexandra…" He had almost called her Love again.

Love closed her eyes tightly before blinking rapidly to keep the tears in check. "Why are you calling me Alexandra now? You've always called me Love." She asked, confused. The tears were gone now from her eyes but they were still in her voice.

"We've got to stop whatever you've got happening between us." He said, thinking that if he blamed everything on her she would begin to hate him and then her knew he would be able to keep himself away from her.

"I don't understand," she said even though understanding was indeed just beginning to make an appearance. She was going to tell him the truth. If he had figured her out than she would hide her feelings no longer.

"I think you do, Alex." Ryan said trying to look angry with her for being so naïve.

"Okay. I'll admit that I never thought of us and only teacher to student. I thought of us as friends and it evolved from there but I never meant to bring you in on it." She paused here to lick her suddenly dry lips. "However, now that you know I would have you know the full extent of my feelings for you." She whispered. She stood from her chair and walked to stand before him.

She slipped to her knees before him and framed his face in her hands, looking up at him with her heart in her eyes. "Although I admit I am young and do not know what love is I believe I am in love with you." She traced his bottom lip with her thumb and he could not make himself pull away. "Very much in love with you."

Although he knew this was wrong in the eyes of the world he couldn't bring himself to pull away. So emboldened was she that she leaned forward and softly touched her lips to his.

So caught up he was that he forgot all of his intentions and instead of pulling away as he should have done he pulled her closer and deepened the kiss. Standing he placed one hand possessively around her waist to grip the opposite hip lightly while his other hand rested at the back of her head, threaded through her hair.

He was stunned and excitedly happy at the innocence in her kiss. Still reality did not set in and he did not set her away. He enjoyed this moment to the fullest and traced her lips with the tip of his tongue, coaxing her to open to him. When she did he gave her the ruby red digit. He traced her teeth and lapped at her tongue, drawing it into play with his own. When she gave chase to his tongue as it retreated mouth he felt a painful tightening beneath the fly of his jeans. And still he did not give reality a chance as he moved his hand down to gently cradle her neck.

Emboldened again by his recklessness she pulled his tongue back to her own mouth and suck slightly. This simple action coming from someone so innocent drove him crazy and the hand resting on her hip tightened possessively while his other moved down again, this time to support one full breast in his fingers.

As their tongues continued to dance and play his forefinger and thumb gently caught her nipple and rolled it slightly, emitting a gasp from her. Yet still reality evaded him.

Next to her sweetly innocent kiss and responses there was nothing so close to treasure. However, when she gripped his retreating hand to her breast and he allowed his thumb to flick over the hard bud beneath her shirt a moan escaped her lips as she arched into his touch.

When he heard a sound so sweet coming from her he should have felt even more pleasure. Instead reality returned to him in that moment and he remembered his good intentions.

He pushed her away with more force than was needed. "It is as I thought. You are much to innocent for me. You would never bring me pleasure and what else could you possibly be good for." He said, hating himself even as he told himself he was doing the right thing.

He almost cursed as he saw the tears of hurt bead her long dark lashes, covering her beautiful aqua eyes, and the blush of shame spread across her pale complexioned cheeks. He had taken it to far and now she was ashamed and well he knew it. He never should have been so bold as to touch her like that.

Love skipped her next class and went home. She only had one class after speech class anyways. Walking into her apartment she noticed how much better off her family was since last year. Last year they lived in the slums whereas this year they lived in a classy apartment.

She went into her room and locked her door, knowing that she would be in trouble for leaving school.

Thinking of what had happened at school today she threw herself down on her bed and cried. Slowly she drifted into a fitful sleep.

A few hours later she woke to the sound of her drunken father barging on her door. He was mad and she knew shy. It terrified her to know that she was the cause for his anger and he was coming after her.

"Let me in, you little bitch." She heard being called from her father, his booming voice muffled by the door standing like an army of protecting soldiers between them.

She knew instinctively not to open the door. Instead she jumped off the bed and ran to the corner. She closed her eyes and tried to pretend she was somewhere else. It worked fine until he broke the door.

When he slowly began stalking toward her she curled her knees up and, her forehead to her knees, she covered her head with her hands.

"People will say I'm not a good father, that my daughter doesn't know discipline otherwise she wouldn't be skipping classes. What's wrong with you?" Her father lectured her. She wasn't fooled. She knew better than to talk. She knew it would get worse.

"Do you want to fail high school? Do you want to stay here for me? I can show you what you have to stay for. I don't know why I keep you, why I take care of you. You're not even mine you know."

She did know. He told her always. She was so busy listening that she didn't expect the hit that he threw her way. So unexpected was it that she actually felt the pain.

After the first hit, however, she blanked. Everything. Her mind became black. Her body went completely limp. And she waited. She waited until it was safe to come back to life-to live again.