My head is throbbing as I ruffle through these papers,

where could I have placed you?

it's not something I'll do often,

but I hate it so much when I do.

Franticly through the piles I keep,

even the ones I don't seem to hang around,

it's like they are constantly drawn to me,

ahah! this is it! finally I have found...

you! the one I needed!

all the others are blank to me,

just this one I was looking for,

with it's words no one else can see,

and in the flurry of the paper snow,

the world goes white and I'm alone,

to read the words that can save me,

these words that will never seem to drone,

on in my head like a constant buzz,

like the one that left so long ago,

and a little light blinks as I read you carefully,

an indication of a message that I'll never know...