Walking down the side of the street,

She was staring at the tip of her feet,

In one hand clutched a five dollar bill,

The other holding her from the chill.

With her heart and her mind set,

Wondering, for him, she should get,

Her heart passionate and her fingers numb,

Made her blind to see what was to come.

It was fast and it was quick,

Drawn into the shadows oh too slick,

Her virginity taken by the wrong man,

Left to rot while he rode off in a van.

Cold and desolate against the stone in the dark,

The rapist to his victim had left his mark,

The blood trickled and mingled with her tears,

In the end, she had to come to face her fears.

With the blood pooling from her damaged head,

Falling with the blood from her body in red,

The rain that splattered felt rougher than sand,

And she died that night. With five dollars in hand.