In death you overcame,

You took my blood and shame.

You took all my sins,

And cleansed me within.

You carried my burdens and fears,

Making all my ways clear.


Am I so important that you would carry,

Each and every sin I tarry?

I'm not worthy of your mercy or grace,

To have each sin taken and leave no trace.

But, you still take all for me,

You take it and you set me free.


Because your love is unconditional,

It's true.

It's patient, it's kind;

Strong enough to forgive,

No matter what I do.

Take my hand and lead me your way,

Hold me tightly so I will not stray.

Keep me close and bring me near,

So the power of your comfort overcomes my fear.

You will never cease to be there for me,

To descale my eyes when needed,

So I can always see.