Rose looked in the mirror. Her straight waist length red hair was gelled back and into a pony tail. Her bright red eyes glared back at her. She hated her strapless long elegant green dress and two green stars decorating each eye. She glared at the slit showing her right thigh. She hated it. She hated how she was being marketed and sold. Why? Because she had been picked by the prince.

"Why did it have to be me," she asked out loud.

"Why me," she asked loudly as she punched the mirror in rage.

Blood dripped onto the perfect white marble floor but Rose's wound was no where to be seen.

'Damn you powers. This is why I'm here," she thought bitterly. 'This is why I'm here….' She fell back on the wall and slipped down to the floor. She started to cry, unable to restrain herself. She might have sat there alone and crying for hours if Molly hadn't found her.

"Ma'm? Ma'm the prince is questioning your whereabouts. It wouldn't be wise to anger him. Dear me, what have you done? Stop crying…. Hush." The maid hugged the crying girl, who quickly embraced her.

"I don't think I can do it Molly. I don't think I can lie to myself."

"Darling…. Now listen to me. You are wise, pretty, and the strongest fairy in decades. You could do so much good as queen. You need," she paused. "You're mother needs this. She needs to see at least one daughter succeed."

"Why, why me? I don't want this. I don't want to be trapped. I…"

"Give your mother one happy memory before she…." Molly stopped but both knew what she was going to say… dies.

"Well… There's a lot riding on tonight. So take a deep breath and go and try to act good. Don't frighten him too much or he'll never see the flower underneath the thorns."

Rose took a deep breath and was pushed through the doors. She walked slowly over to the table, carefully studying the prince. He had short spiky green hair an bright green eyes. He smiled a big confused smile. Rose smiled back while her eyes glared. Something wasn't right.

"You're the prince?" He gestured for her to sit down in the seat across from him. It was a small window side table and if this hadn't been the prince, she might have enjoyed being on a date with a cute stranger. He handed her a rose which she excepted with a smile, and crushed when he wasn't looking.

"No, the prince couldn't make it on time so he sent me, his stand in, Collin."

"Collin? Please inform me why the Prince felt the need to be late when we've been scheduling for weeks." She felt the fire burning again, her anger rising. The flame on the candle was growing. 'Stop it,' she ordered herself as the boy eyed her.

"His majesty is very busy and will be attending but late. So why don't we get to know each other or are you just planning to burn me live." Rose threw up a ball of fire and caught it easily.

"What gave you that idea," she asked innocently.

Collin grinned. He looked thoughtful for a moment. "If you don't mind me asking, you don't want to marry much less met the prince, do you?" She ignored him and continued to catch the fireball.

"You don't like him, do you?" She ignored him and continued to catch the fireball.

Suddenly she felt a rush of ice in her head and felt like she was flying. She pulled herself back and saw the green glow of Collin's eyes. In one swift moment the room was filled with fire.

"Don't you ever do that again or next time the fire will be aimed at you." Collin put up his hands in a sign of peace and grinned as the fire the disappeared. Rose looked slightly confused at this unafraid stranger. "As for your Prince… I will never like him and the wedding will never happen. After all, why would I want to marry a stranger just to be locked up? But it's not like it matters." She glared at him with blue eyes. Her hair turned in a flash into an icy blue. The room got colder.

"It's not polite to use truth spells," Rose said, a little quieter.

"You use your powers, why must I conceal mine?"

"You must make a nice pet to the prince." The boy just smiled. "What?"

"That's harsh," Collin said with a laugh. "you have a sharp tongue."

"What did you see when you were digging in my head," Rose asked, uninterested.

"Oh, nothing…. Just that you think I'm cute."

"So…" Rose looked slightly shocked but kepther composer.

"So… You're human."

"Is this going anywhere," Rose asked, looking outside.

"Not if you don't want it to. Let's take a walk," the boy said, still beaming.

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