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"What did you see when you were digging in my head," Rose asked, uninterested.
"Oh, nothing…. Just that you think I'm cute."

"So…" Rose looked slightly shocked but kept her composer.

"So… You're human."

"Is this going anywhere," Rose asked, looking outside.

"Not if you don't want it to... Let's take a walk," the boy said, still beaming.

"Wait… What?" Rose looked at him, intrigued. "Where did that come from?"

The boy looked at Rose with a sly expression. He got up, and helped the princess up out of her chair. The sudden change in conversation and mood left her with her guard down and she let Collin intertwine his arm with hers, guiding her. "You seem fixated on other things… and I know how boring to talk stranger," the green haired boy said patiently.

At this the girl let out a musical laugh, meant to mock the boy, which he only responded with a smile. "You? What would you know of the constant boredom of royalty…" Rose rolled her eyes.

"I think you'd be surprised how second nature it is to me," Collin responded as they walked out a door, into a lovely garden.

"Are you royalty?"

"No…" The boy sighed, already awaiting the stubborn response.

"Then you do not understand," the girl said,sounding likeher aristocrat counterparts.

"Maybe I want to," Collin responded, slightly startling Rose. She noticed the arm and awkwardly unhooked hers. She took a step behind a tree.

"The skies are always radiant at night," The girl said, ignoring Collin's words.

The boy put his back to the other side of the tree. "How so?"

"Well… For one… The moon."

"The moon," the boy asked, laughter in his voice.

Rose looked around the tree. Her hair had a green tint to it. She looked shyly at him from underneath her eyelashes, passing perfectly as a innocent maiden. "Yes the moon," the girl said, pouting. Her expression changed, almost lost, as she looked up at the sky. "It's always changing…"

"Kind of like you," Collin remarked.

Rose stepped around the tree to face him. She studied him, as he watched her. His eyebrow raised. "Yes, kind of like me," she said thoughtfully. She looked the boy up and down, then studied his hair and face, entranced by his eyes. Collin just held her gaze, drawing her mind closer until she felt as if she was floating. This time she didn't feel cold but warm. It wasn't her memories, or memories at all, coming to mind. Feelings raised, and she realized it was his feelings, his feelings for her. She couldn't look away…

Lust… Sadness… Admiration… Warmth… and Wanting, strong wanting.

Rose didn't even notice that she had moved close to him or that she could feel his breath on her face. She felt the feelings change. Hers suddenly felt multiplied as if her emotions combined with the others. She was on an emotional high and she wanted, needed, to express it.

Rose blinked. She was kissing Collin passionately, her body pressed against his. She, pushed him away, sadness glinting in her eyes. This was quickly replaced with anger. Collin dared not look at her. "Who are you," Rose breathed. Silence hovered in the air, tension rising. She closed her eyes for a second, trying the emotions clouding her mind. She opened her eyes only to see Collin starring at her, his face expressing guilt and sadness, his eyes expressing… Lust? Hope? Love? Rose was unsure but she panicked.

Large vines shot out and wrapped around the boy, binding him to the tree. Rose looked baffled, she hadn't asked the vines to constrict him. She looked at Collin, clearly confused. He just nodded his head slightly, a farewell and an unexplained answer.

"I warned you…" Rose said, almost in defense, anger slurring her speech. Collin gave her a look of understanding and patience. A small smile crept on his face as Rose slowly started backing up towards the door.

"I'm sorry… Good night," Rose offered, thinking about her mother's reaction. She said it with no feeling, her face now an unreadable mask.

"Soon," the boy responded, promising.

The girl turned around and ran upstairs, many people watched her, clearly confused. Rose didn't breath until she was in her room with the door locked. She winced as she heard shrieking from outside.

"What have I done," the girl said as she slid down the wall, in the same position she was before the date. It was there that she cried, and listened to Collin leave, before hiding in her bed.

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