Blizzard Love

Chapter 3

By Ann Toones

By the end of the day I was dead tired. It had been the busiest and longest Monday ever, except for maybe the first Monday of school. That had been bad, and by judging George and Max's tired faces, I could tell it had been very long for them, too.

"Are you two taking the bus?" I asked them. Annie had left with her Agravian friends, and everyone else had gone away way before we three.

Both Max and George nodded.

"I'm taking the teacup bus," Max said. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"You're taking the bus with a teacup sing on the front. I'll show you which one it is," I said, feeling proud of myself. I was going to show Max Tran his bus! OK, so it wasn't that big a deal, but still…

"What about you?" I asked George.

"Um… I'm taking the, uh, pen bus," he said, a bit embarrassed. I coughed loudly.

"What!?" I asked, "But I take that bus!"

"Really?" George and Max asked at the same time.

"Yep!" I said. Sweet, I thought, finally, someone who rides my bus!

In my eagerness, I almost missed seeing the teacup bus.

"Oh!" I exclaimed, seeing the bus, "Um, this is your bus, Max," I said reluctantly. Why did he have to leave so soon?

"Thanks," he said, getting on the bus and waving. Did he wink? I couldn't make sure, because he had turned around too quickly. Getting onto the bus was my last view of him for the day.

"Hey, Tarya," I heard someone that wasn't George say behind me. Turning around, I saw Annie.

"Watcha doin' here?" I asked well naturedly.

"Oh, just hangin' 'round. See ya tomorrow!" she said, moving her hips from side to side and pointing downwards like she always did when hyper or excited.

"'Bye," said I. I heard it echoed from behind me. Turning around – again - I saw George.

"Oh yeah, you're still here!" I said carelessly.

"Apparently so. I can fix it, though," George said, looking down and not at me.

"Oh, come on, you know I didn't mean it that way," I punched him playfully on the arm, "Let's get on the bus," I took his arm and led him all the way up the hill, checking each bus for the pen sign. Finally finding it on the very bottom of the hill, I got on with George tailing me.

The bus driver glanced up from his newspaper, nodded, and continued reading.

I then found two empty seats and sat at the window. George sat down next to me, looking around.

"Charter buses!" I heard him mutter under his breath, "Charter buses!"

I chuckled. George looking up to see that I was trying not to laugh. "What?" he asked, hurt. All I did was shake my head, still holding back laughs.

George looked away, clearly annoyed. "I'm just kidding," I said quickly, noticing he was mad.

He grunted, but then seemed to cheer up for one reason or another and smiled. "It's 'k." he said. He smiled down at me. Suddenly – I don't know why – he just didn't seem like George anymore. He looked like somebody I'd seen a picture of recently. Who was it? I don't remember, but – yes! I remember! His name was Frank Famer (Frank Famer was a singer) God, George looked like Frank Famer!

"You OK?" Frank Famer – I mean, George asked me.

I shook myself, "Of course I am, I'm always OK," I grinned up at him, feeling a blush creeping up.

"Sure," he said, rolling his eyes, "and I'm the Prince of Boogley Land," he added under his breath, but my ever-sharp ears heard it.

Putting on a face of fake shock, I said, "How'd you know about Boogley Land?"

Frank – George looked at me hard then laughed out loud.

I had gotten him back in a good mood – good. But the problem was, whenever I looked at him from then on I saw Frank Famer or another person altogether, for some reason I couldn't grasp. And I always felt a blush start spreading across my cheeks when he looked at me.

Getting off the bus, I noticed George hadn't gotten off behind me. I saw him looking down at me from the window and wave. I waved back, my cheeks slightly pink. Then I left for home.