Disclaimer- KWAZYKANDYPIE (c)

Fairy Tales

Everything's so happy,

so surreal.

We listen to them when we're little.

When we still have feelings to feel.

Why do they teach us these lies?

Things that will never be?

There's nobody to fix all your problems,

with a wave of a magic wand.

There's nobody to hold you,

when you when you've already melted away.

Fairy tales aren't real.

Just stories to tell the young and hopeless.

The hopeless need dreams.

The hopeless are dreamers.

These fairy tales are hopes,

That dreamers end up dreaming.

Why can't I be a dreamer?

(Poet's comments- Originally written on 11/17/04. Dedicated to those who believe this. Yessh, I know, I'm ruining childhood memories everywhere. Don't worry those of you who are still into fairy tales, I appreciate still love good old Disney. Those of you who don't like Disney, umm, don't grab your pitchforks and run after me.)