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So stupid, so vain.

So shallow, in pain.

I didn't have a chance.

Stupid romance.

It's someone else, I know.

Now I feel so low.

Angry and annoyed.

Null and void.

Put hopes in the sky, and it fell down.

Now I'm a fool, I'm a clown.

I should take this lightly, and I should forget.

Why did I ever like you this way, something I should regret?

I can't control this feeling.

I need a healing.

Want to be sinless of stupidity.

I want to be free.

So stupid, so vain.

So shallow, in pain.

I know you don't know, and that's okay.

But you will…someday.

(Poet's comments- Originally written on 12/2/04. Dedicated to those who believe my thoughts in this poem are true, or who just like it for the heck of it. I'm not sure why I wrote this poem, I was probably upset over something one night.)