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are you always there?

do I always think of you?

do I always hear you?

am I uneasy around you?

Is something wrong with me,

a trick of the mind?

Or are you try as hard as me,

just to say "hi"?

I'm a crazy little girl,

with a crazy fantasy.

I'm a sickeningly worthless female,

with these sickening dreams.

Why don't I just give up?

Why don't I just leave?

I continue each day with these thoughts.

We're both better off without my secrets.

I should just be friends with you,

No more.

Why is it all hard?

Decisions I have to make.

Why can't everything be simple?

'Cause love isn't simple.

(Poet's comments- Originally written on 12/2/04. Dedicated to people who try so hard to get someone to get the message they want to give off, or people who like this poem. I'm not sure why I wrote this poem, maybe because I'm confused about things right now.)