I'm choking on my own breathe

Can't see clear anymore

What's the problem? It's actually pretty common. You can buy them at the store.

It doesn't really make sense to me

How do people get started?

Why would someone even try it? Are they retarded?

People don't think it's a big deal

Like it's a regular mistake; one of a person's daily spills

I'd have to say differently considerin the thousands a year it kills.

Everyone says teenagers only care about themselves

Let me tell you it's not always true

If we cared about ourselves, we wouldn't be DESTROYING ourselves. Try to think it all through.

Don't tell me I don't know about this

My grandpa died on my twelfth birthday

It was Lung Cancer. He smoked his whole life; and always thought he'd never pay.

You see, your friends and family hurt

When they see you do somethin like smoke

Cuz they know what you dont; smoking can kill you. This isn't a fucking joke.

What, you think you're cool?

Because you're STUPID enough to do what you're doing?

Just give it some time; think of how your breathes gonna go short; the blood you're gonna start spewing.

Let me tell you something

You need to stop now

Rehab, torture, self control, I don't really care how.

If you don't turn back

I guarantee you'll regret it

One day you'll begin to nice. My descriptions will start to fit.

Why can't you understand?

People try to talk to you about it cuz they care

It's just common sense. If you don't listen today, tomorrow you might not be there.

I'll be honest with you

There's not much more to say

But just hear me out. To save yourself tomorrow you have to be smart today.

But y'know you don't have to care

It's the people willing to listen I'm tryin to save

If you really think you're cool for what you're doing, do yourself a favor; get a heard start on your grave.