A Godly Plea

Feels like she's living life in shifts

Her mind jumping between tragedy and forgotten dreams

The pain racking through her brain

Bruises hidden beneath the strain

Her clothing torn and tattered to bits

Her mind breaking down to fatigue and guilt trips

Tired of running from the towering fear

Of death against her dreary will

Tears streaking her terror-sewn features

Her hands shaking with all that makes her

Her voice trembles a sobbing plea

To the god above who's suppose to care for thee

"Dear God please help me…

The pain of his hand I can no longer stand

The terror of death

Clears the way for my eternal rest

A sign of impending dust

Appearing with every stabbing thrust…"

Falling to her knees, the words were cut off

Her soul gripped with terror,

Her body slammed into a mirror.

Mercy flown to the wind…

His force savage and unrelenting.

The glass breaking, crumbling to the ground

A shattering scream sounds…

Blood dripping across the stone floor…

The force walking out the door...

The soft click resounding throughout the room,

Silence spreading over her doom…

All except for the echoing plea…

"Dear God… Please help me."