I'm staring at this blank canvas

Trying to fill it with my life

The pain and suffering is there

But the appreciation is surely lacking

Never too sure why I can't fill the pages

They make a mark of wisdom in my life

Holding on to my insecurities safe inside myself

No one is any the wiser to the fact that I am fine

Drenching the world with cold salty tears

No one holds the tongue of spite

Masking the pain behind a smile

Fearing that my secrets been let out

I hide in the corner of my dark room

Watching the rain fall in patterns

My tears escape along with them

Rising in the shadows of my late demise

Begrudging the hope of tomorrow

And listening to the death cries of my song

Taking in so much more

More then I could ever have imagined

And answering only to my ridiculing self

Lies become the norm and you can't see the light