Bloody Knuckles (Part III)

I wish I could be indifferent to your actions

To block out all emotion and reaction.

That seems so impossible, as if it could never be…

Me wanting to be free of these feelings I have for thee.

Play around as if it were all just a game

Going about as though there were nothing you couldn't tame.

Lost are you to the reality of other's hearts

You seem to know nothing but your own part…

Is it just an art, which you wish to prefect?

The theft of others hearts that you just crush like insects.

Insensitivity reins free within your mind

Its reaction seeming to make you blind

Is it jaded, the way others feel?

So much so, that even you can't see what's real.

The blood that likes upon your knuckles and hands

Shall slip away from my memory, just as sand would from land…