I Love You by writerforever

There are times when I look around me

I see the big blue sky

I see the shining sun that covers the whole earth

I see the flowers and the trees

I see so many wonders

And they were all created by my powerful and holy God

And as I look around me at all of the beauty

I wonder how such a powerful God

A God who never sinned

A God who is righteous and pure

Could save someone so small and wretched like me

I am amazed by how He entered into my heart

And filled my soul with joy and peace

And there are times when I feel unworthy to be saved

There are times when Satan says God doesn't love me

But it is in these moments

These troublesome moments

That a small still voice says in my heart

"I love you more than the flowers"

"I love you more than the sun that shines up above"

"I love you more than the big blue sky"

"I love you more than the birds that I taught how to fly"

"I love you more than the ocean that I spoke into existence"

"You are mine and I love you so much"

My God's words lift my spirits

And I know that every hardship

Every trial that I must face

It is all worth it

It is worth it just to hear my Lord say

"I love you"