By. L. C. Guldbrandsen

Silent tears spill down frozen cheeks
Promises of "we can try again"
Running through my mind
Filling me with pain.
Barren, empty, worthless
We can try, but not succeed
My body is my betrayal, my depression
It does not swell, does not fill
Joy it does not bring to me, to you.
We've tried and lost, yet you persist
"We'll keep trying" you say.

Silent tears flow with blood
Choking me, killing me.
I wanted this, yearned for this...
But my body has betrayed
No child grows within.
Barren, empty, worthless...
Why can't I swell with our child?
Soft promises of "we'll keep trying"
Bring me more pain, more tears.
Why not now?
Can we ever?
I burn for this, beg for this, cry for this...
And still I do not swell.
Inside I'm empty, and barren.

Silent tears are killing me
Softly, slowly killing me.
Each tear slices my soul
Bares me to the world and my pain.
Crimson flows pouring from the Betrayer
My pain, my blood clouds my vision
And inside I'm barren, empty, worthless.
I scream, I plead, I bleed for this...
Give me the pain, the fears, the tears
But give me as well the swelling form I yearn for.
Bandage my soul, and my heart.
Make me barren no more.