Scene 1

(The scene begins with a young girl with long curly brown hair and blue eyes, standing at about 5'5". She is going through some clothes frantically, trying to find something to wear for the evening)

Michelle- (yelling from in her room, still going through her clothes) Nicholas, where did you put my black sweater after you washed it?

Nicholas- (hollering from the other room) I dont know, look in the dryer.

Michelle- (as she goes through a big pile of clothes on the floor) nevermind I found it. (she picks up some black jean pants, and puts a red sleeveless shirt on, with her black pants. Over the red shirt, she puts her black sweater. Her hair is curled at the ends, and she has plenty of makeup on. She begins to walk out the back door when Shawn catches her)

Shawn- (grabbing her keys) and just where do you think you are going?

Michelle- the same place you are, remember?

Shawn- you are not going to the party dressed like that.

Michelle- Shawn, it looks fine.

(She starts walking back out toward the door when Shawn grabs her arm.)

Shawn- no, Chelle, it is not fine.

Michelle- whats wrong with what I am wearing.

Shawn- it tells guys something about you, that you would not be happy about.

Michelle- well that is a risk I have to take.

(they both start screaming at each other, Nicholas walks on from hearing all of the bickering)

Nicholas- hey (yelling louder), hey, quit yelling you two, I cant even hear myself thinking. (he looks at his sister) are you thinking of going to the party like that?

Michelle- oh please, not you too. Yes, I was.

Nicholas- Michelle, you can't go out like that.

Michelle- why not?

Nicholas- because it makes guys think something about you they shouldn't.

(Shawn looks at Michelle with an "I told you so" look. Just as Michelle is about to get really angry, someone walks in the backdoor, and Shawn's best friend Evan walks in)

Evan- whoa, Chelle, you look hot.

(Shawn and Nicholas look at each other)

Both Brothers- Change Now!!!!!

Evan- oh come on guys, she looks really nice.

Michelle- thank you Evan

Nicholas- Chelle, go to your room and change.

(Elaine walks in and also looks at Michelle)

Elaine- wow, Chelle, you look gorgeous very very classy.

Michelle- thank you Elaine. See guys, its just fine.

Nicholas- Elaine, this is not something she should be going to the party in.

Elaine- this looks nice Nicholas.

Shawn- don't listen to her Nicholas.

Elaine- come on Nicholas let her wear it. She'll be fine, she is a big girl and can take care of herself.

Nicholas- well if you think it will be alright, go ahead.

Elaine- I do think it will be alright.

Nicholas- alright, fine. I will trust Elaine's judgement.

Michelle- thank you Elaine.

(Shawn, Evan and Michelle start to leave, after Michelle and Evan are out the door. Nicholas grabs Shawn)

Nicholas- you keep a close eye on her.

Shawn- you got it.

They walk out the door.