Scene 2

(There are tons of people out on the beach partying. Shawn and Evan have a beer in each hand, and are talking to some girls on the beach)

Girl #1- (talking to Shawn) so where are you guys from.

Shawn- here, we live along the beach. But, originally I am from Texas.

Girl #2- Oh yeah, we are from Chicago.

Shawn- so how old are yall.

Girl #2- I am 17.

Girl #1- I am 18. How about you guys?

Evan- 18

Shawn- same

Girl #1- so, are parents are going to be out all night, do you guys want to come up.

Evan- sure.

Shawn- actually I think I am going to pass this one up.

(both the girls start to laugh, and Evan chimes in with them)

Girl #2- I think I hear your mom calling.

(the girls laugh, Shawn looks at Evan hurt by the girls teasing. Evan shrugs his shoulders, and Shawn walks away. He sits down next to a girl who looks lonely, and like she is not having fun. On the other side of the party, Michelle is sitting next to a very good looking guy, he has his arm around her, and is very close)

Michelle- (twirling the ends of her hair) well I love movies.

Logan- whats your favorite?

Michelle- your going to laugh.

Logan- no go ahead and tell me, I wont laugh, I promise.

Michelle- I love Peter Pan.

Logan- oh yeah, which one?

Michelle- all of them, the Disney, Play, Hook, all of them.

Logan- Hook is good, but then again I like Robin Williams. But I still would have chosen something like Braveheart, or the Patriot.

Michelle- ah, Mel Gibson fan, huh.

Logan- oh yeah.

Michelle- Ive always wanted to see Braveheart.

Logan- are you kidding me, you've never seen it.

Michelle- (chuckling) no.

Logan- well ive got it up in my room, if you want to come and watch it.

Michelle- sure.

Logan- your name is Michelle right.

Michelle- yeah, but you can call me Chelle, everyone else does.

Logan- alright, well follow me.

(they walk up to his motel room. Logan and Michelle walk in his room, and as they do, Evan walks out of the room he was in with the other girls, he looks at the number on the room, and runs down to Shawn who is in the middle of a conversation)

Evan- Shawn (engaged in a conversation) Shawn, SHAWN!!!!

Shawn- Evan, i'm busy. (irritated)

Evan- well then I guess you don't want to hear, Chelle just went into a motel room with some guy.

Shawn- what??? (very upset)

(Shawn and Evan run up, Shawn leaves the girl he was talking to alone again)